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Psalm Friday

Psalm Friday
Lift up your Soul
Psalm 25

* Pray. Ask God to give you an open heart and mind to learn new truths from His Word. Read Psalm 25 through three times. Record any thoughts or questions you have in your journal. If a verse stands out to you, write it on an index card and begin committing it to memory.

In this twenty-fifth Psalm of David, we find David kneeling with his hands and voice lifted up to God. There are no indications of the occasion on which this Psalm was composed. It is probably one of those Psalms that were composed in David’s leisure moments, with no outward existing cause - designed to express the feelings of the faithfulness, goodness, and perfection of God.

Psalm 25 is the first of a class of psalms which are known as “alphabetical,” in which the first word of each verse begins with one of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The thought behind the reasoning for this format of writing was so that the readers would have an easier time memorizing these beautiful words.

“To you, O LORD, I lift up my soul.”
Psalm 25:1, NKJV

In my study of Psalm 25, I came across Charles H. Spurgeon’s commentary on verse 1. Today I leave you with his words on this beautiful first verse of Psalm 25.

“See how the holy soul flies to its God like a dove to its cote. When the storm-winds are out, the Lord's vessels put about and make for their well-remembered harbour of refuge. What a mercy that the Lord will condescend to hear our cries in time of trouble, although we may have almost forgotten him in our hours of fancied prosperity. “Unto thee, O Jehovah, do I lift up my soul.” It is but mockery to uplift the hands and the eyes unless we also bring our souls into our devotions. True prayer may be described as the soul rising from earth to have fellowship with heaven; it is taking a journey upon Jacob's ladder, leaving our cares and fears at the foot, and meeting with a covenant God at the top. Very often the soul cannot rise, she has lost her wings, and is heavy and earth-bound; more like a burrowing mole than a soaring eagle. At such dull seasons we must not give over prayer, but must, by God's assistance, exert all our power to lift up our hearts. Let faith be the lever and grace be the arm, and the dead lump will yet be stirred. But what a lift it has sometimes proved! With all our tugging and straining we have been utterly defeated, until the heavenly loadstone of our Saviour's love has displayed its omnipotent attractions, and then our hearts have gone up to our Beloved like mounting flames of fire.”

How comforting it is to know that no matter how far I have roamed away from the God of the universe, He is still willing to incline His ear to me. May our souls rise today, from earth to heaven, in order to experience intimate fellowship with God our Father. May we climb Jacob’s ladder, leaving all our worries behind, and embrace our loving God. May the power of the Holy Spirit so fill our souls that we soar on the wings of eagles. May our faith lift us and His grace sustain us. May the Lord Almighty set a flame burning within our hearts.


Who is God?

Do you ever have those days when you lift your eyes to the heavens and cry out to God, "who are You?" Remind yourself today, precious one, who God is.

The First and The Last
He is the First and Last,
The Beginning and the End!
He is the keeper of Creation and the Creator of all!
He is the Architect of the universe and the Manager of all times.
He always was, He always is, and He always will be...
unmoved, Unchanged, Undefeated, and never Undone!
He was bruised and brought healing!
He was pierced and eased pain!
He was persecuted and brought freedom!
He was dead and brought life!
He is risen and brings power!
He reigns and brings Peace!
The world can't understand him,
The armies can't defeat Him,
The schools can't explain Him,
and The leaders can't ignore Him.
Herod couldn't kill Him,
The Pharisees couldn't confuse Him,
and The people couldn't hold Him!
Nero couldn't crush Him,
Hitler couldn't silence Him,
The New Age can't replace Him,
and "Oprah" can't explain Him away!
He is light, love, longevity, and Lord.
He is goodness, Kindness, Gentleness, and God.
He is Holy, Righteous, mighty, powerful, and pure.
His ways are right,
His word is eternal,
His will is unchanging,
and His mind is on me.
He is my Savior,
He is my guide,
andHe is my peace!
He is my Joy,
He is my comfort,
He is my Lord,
andHe rules my life!
I serve Him because
His bond is love,
His burden is light,
and His goal for me is abundant life.
I follow Him because
He is the wisdom of the wise,
the power of the powerful,
the ancient of days,
the ruler of rulers,
the leader of leaders,
the overseer of the overcomers,
and is to come.
And if that seems impressive to you,
try this for size.
His goal is a relationship with ME!
He will never leave me,
never forsake me,
never mislead me,
never forget me,
never overlook me,
and never cancel my appointment in Hisappointment book!
When I fall, He lifts me up!
When I fail, He forgives!
When I am weak, He is strong!
When I am lost, He is the way!
When I am afraid, He is my courage!
When I stumble, He steadies me!
When I am hurt, He heals me!
When I am broken, He mends me!
When I am blind, He leads me!
When I am hungry, He feeds me!
When I face trials, He is with me!
When I face persecution, He shields me!
When I face problems, He comforts me!
When I face loss, He provides for me!
When I face Death, He carries me Home!
He is everything for everybody everywhere, every time, and every way.
He is God, He is faithful.
I am His, and He is mine!
My Father in heaven can whip the father of this world.
So, if you're wondering why I feel so secure, understand this...
He said it and that settles it.
God is in control,
I am on His side,
and that means all is well with my soul.
Everyday is a blessing for GOD Is!

Author unknown

Sisters, THAT is your GOD!!!! Rejoice in Him today!


I'm Hungry

It was a beautiful day. Although the sun was shining brightly the air was frigged and the wind took our breath away. Everywhere we looked there were remnants of the week's snow on the ground. The kids and I hurried to the car after our shopping trip to the local grocery store. All buckled up and heat blasting we made our way back out to the main road.

And there he sat. I had seen him when we first pulled into the parking lot. He was sitting on an old cooler all bundled up; one could barely see his face. In his hands he held a sign that read, "I'm hungry." I pulled out onto the main road, not giving him a second glance as I drove past. Then, checking my rear view mirror, his image caught my eye again. At that moment my heart was pricked; the Holy Spirit began speaking to me, "This man is hungry. What are YOU going to do?"

As I continued driving my oldest child said to me, "Mom, did you see that man sitting there? He is hungry. Can we give him so food?" "Yes. Yes, we can!" Those words barely leaving my mouth, I pulled into the next fast food restaurant we came to and ordered almost one of everything on the menu. Food in hand, we headed back to the place where the man last sat. Praying that he would still be there, I drove as fast as I could back to him. Praise the Lord, he was still there. I pulled into the parking lot, put the car in park, and walked toward this man who was hungry.

My daddy always told me to never pick up strangers, but this wouldn't fall into that category, right? My heart was pounding as I got closer and closer to him. What would I say? What would he say? As I got closer he stood to his feet and began to walk toward me. I extended my arms to him and saw tears filling his eyes. Handing him the food I said, "Sir, can I just tell you that Jesus loves you so much." Stuttering, he responded, "God bless you."

I turned and began walking back to my car where my kids were watching and tears streamed down my face. "Well done", I heard the still small voice of the Holy Spirit whisper to my heart. A lady pulled up beside me and commented on what had just happened. Her last comment to me as she drove off was, "You inspire me." I got back in my car and talked with my children about what we had just done. The ladies comment kept ringing in my ears, "You inspire me." As my kids and I talked, I shared with them that our love and desire to serve the Lord should be the inspiration behind everything we do and say.

Since that day there have been numerous "teachable" moments that have stemmed from that experience. I praise the Lord for the opportunity He gave us to serve and to look beyond ourselves.

Every day, God gives us opportunities to serve and to minister to others. What are you and I going to do with those opportunities- drive past or stop?

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,
I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,
I was a stranger and you invited me in."
Matthew 25:35, NIV


Psalm Friday

Psalm Friday
Who is this King of glory?
Psalm 24
* Pray. Ask God to give you an open heart and mind to learn new truths from His Word. Read Psalm 24 through three times. Record your thoughts and questions in your journal. If a verse stands out to you, write it on an index card and begin committing it to memory.
Psalm 24 was most likely written to be sung when the Ark of the Covenant, the dwelling place of God, was brought back to the city of Jerusalem. The words of this Psalm are most fitting for the dance of joy that David and the people of God would have danced on this joyful occasion.
The Philistines, a great enemy to the children of God, had stolen the Ark of the Covenant some twenty years before. With the Ark of the Covenant gone, the people slowly, but surely, wandered farther and farther from the LORD. The Ark of the Covenant was literally the dwelling place of God and with its removal, He had been taken from their midst and their lifestyles, behaviors, and attitudes had begun to reflect it.
David knew that is was of utmost importance for the Ark to be back where it belonged- in and among God's people. The bringing back of the Ark of the Covenant was not for the benefit of the Ark itself, but it was for the benefit of the people.
In a study that I am doing right now, Priscilla Shirer says, "bringing back the ark of God means setting up the presence of God as the central focal point of every decision you make." When the Ark was brought back into the city of Jerusalem, after a three month stay in the house of Obed-Edom (1 Chronicles 13-16), David set it in the midst of the tabernacle (1 Chronicles 16:1). "In the midst" literally means in the center; in the center of the tabernacle the Ark of the Covenant, God's dwelling place, was placed. Everything would revolve around the Ark both literally and figuratively. It was the central focal point of the city; the bulls eye on the dart board if you will. God was now back among His people.
Why wouldn't David rejoice over the Ark of the Covenant being brought back among its people? Why wouldn't he dance, and sing, and shout for joy over the return of the King of glory? Who is this King of glory? He is the LORD strong and mighty! Lift up your heads! Lift up your hands! The LORD of hosts, the King of glory is among His people.


At the Well...In Pursuit of Titus 2

At the Well Blog Button

To all my peeps out there, I am so excited to share with you an opportunity the Lord has given me. Chelsey, the founder of At the Well, asked me a few weeks ago to join the writing team for At the Well...In Pursuit of Titus 2. As I told her, I am truly humbled by this opportunity to serve the Lord and you alongside so many women who love Him with all their hearts.

Some of you may already be familiar with At the Well, but I can assure you that with the launch of the new site Monday, February 2, you are in for a treat! At the Well you will find daily devotionals, practical tips, and lots of encouraging words from the Word that will help you to live out the mandate found in Titus 2.

Today, I encourage you to hop on over and take a look at what's going on. Keep in mind things are still under construction, but there are some exciting things that YOU, my friend, can be a part of today. So what are you waiting for? Click HERE and go have yourself a look!! You won't be disappointed!!!

I love you, my peeps! Have a blessed Jesus filled day!!!! God rocks!!!


Everything We Need

"By His divine power, God had given us everything we need for
living a godly life. We have received all of this by coming to know Him, the one
who called us to Himself by means of His marvelous glory and excellence."
2 Peter 1:3, NLT
At the moment of salvation we receive EVERYTHING we need to live a life of royalty- a life as a daughter of the Most High God. All that we need lives within us through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The person of the Holy Spirit houses the power and glory of God and His indwelling in my soul empowers and enables me to be all that God has called me to be.

There are times when I struggle to live a Godly life; times when I fail to live in the freedom bestowed upon me through the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lamb of God. There are times when I sit back and take a good long look at the place in which I am standing and wonder- "what in the world?, why is this happening?, how did I get to this place?, when is this going to be over?"- in fact, I have been in this very spot recently. I have asked all of these questions and then some. I have doubted God. I have been ready to throw in the towel. I have wondered how God Almighty can use a wretched sinner like me?

And then... and then I fall on my face before Him and cry out. "God, You are the Sovereign God who reigns over all the earth. You hold me in the palm of Your hands. You are majestic and powerful, holy and full of grace. You have called me out and set my feet upon the solid rock of Jesus Christ. You have placed within me the power of the Holy Spirit enabling me to live a life of freedom. Although I don't understand it, You desire intimate fellowship with me. I am Yours. May I not quench the power and working of the Holy Spirit in my life. Draw me close to Your side and lead me in Your way everlasting. I love You and my desire is to honor and glorify You in all that I do."



"18) And Jesus, walking by the Sea of Galilee, saw two
brothers, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the
sea; for they were fishermen. 19) Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will
make you fishers of men.” 20) They IMMEDIATELY left their nets and followed
Him. 21) Going on from there, He saw two other brothers, James the son of
Zebedee, and John his brother, in the boat with Zebedee their father, mending
their nets. He called them, 22) and IMMEDIATELY
they left the boat and their father, and followed Him."
Matthew 4:18-22, NKJV
Immediately. Without an interval of time. NOW. As soon as the command to follow left Jesus' mouth, these men dropped what they were doing and followed Him. Peter and Andrew, James and John asked no questions, made no excuses, hesitated not in the least bit. They left their way of life and followed after Him.
These guys had no idea what their futures were about to entail. They had no idea where this road was about to lead them. Peter had no clue he would be a key player in the building of the church. Andrew did not know he would die a martyr's death for the sake of Christ. The last thoughts on the minds of James and John, the Sons of Thunder, were that the zeal of one would have him martyred and the other would be exiled to the island of Patmos where he would pen the book of Revelation. They had no idea, but they were willing to follow. Plain ordinary fishermen, turned extraordinary because of their immediate obedience to Christ.
Had they stayed in the boat that day, they would have missed out on an amazing journey with the Lord. Had they stayed in the boat that day, they would not have witnessed miracle after miracle. Had they stayed in the boat that day, they would not have seen the church grow and flourish. Had they stayed in the boat that day, they would not have walked side-by-side with the precious Son of the Most High God. Had they stayed in the boat that day... BUT they did not stay in the boat that day. They jumped ship and followed Jesus into the unknown waters of life with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Peter, Andrew, James, and John left the comfort of daily fishing and became some the greatest fishers of men that we know today.
I've read this passage numerous times in the past; this week it sparked a flame deep down in my soul. When God speaks, IMMEDIATELY I must listen. When God instructs, IMMEDIATELY I must obey. When God calls, IMMEDIATELY I must respond. When God says "Go!", IMMEDIATELY I must leave the comforts of my ship and follow. If I hesitate I am missing out on amazing blessings from the Lord.
Sweet friends, will you jump ship today and follow Christ?


Psalm Friday

Remain in Him
Psalm Friday
Psalm 23, continued

* Pray. Ask God to give you an open heart and mind to learn new truths from His Word. Read Psalm 23 through three times. Record any thoughts or questions you have in your journal. If a verse stands out to you, write it on an index card and begin committing it to memory.

Today, our journey through Psalm 23 comes to a close. We have walked through lush green pastures, rested beside still waters, trekked up mountain ranges in order to reach the tablelands of His goodness; we have been protected, provided for, comforted, cared for, and loved. Because we have been provided such tender care and mercy, we can say with great confidence, “I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.”

I want to share with you Psalm 23:6b from the Amplified Bible.

“through the length of my days the house of the Lord [and His presence]
shall be my dwelling place.”

Dwelling comes from the Hebrew word yâshab which means to remain; to settle, to inhabit. As a sheep belonging to the flock of the Good Shepherd, David was able to say, “for the rest of my days, both living on this earth and living in heaven, I will remain, I will settle into, I will inhabit the presence of the my Lord.”

I think for us to get a better understanding of this last statement of Psalm 23, it would benefit us greatly to go back to the beginning of time as we know it.

In Genesis 1:26, God said, “Let us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.” The word image as it pertains to this verse comes from the Hebrew word tselem, which means to shade or to shadow. Man was created from the beginning of time to live in, to remain in, to settle into, to inhabit the shadow of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. In order to be in something’s shadow or to be shaded by something one has to be in close proximity to it. God created us to forever be in close proximity to Him; to be in His presence.

In God’s presence is fullness of joy. In His presence is mercy and grace. In His presence is peace and rest. In His presence is protection and defense. In His presence is provision and healing. In His presence is discipline and restoration. In His presence is found a life like no other; for it is in His presence where we find the love, compassion, and tender care of the Good Shepherd.

Are you in the presence of the Good Shepherd today? My friend, this is the place you were created to dwell in. Remain in Him and He will remain in you. Seek Him with all your heart. Run to Him. Rest today in the shadow of His wing.


Random Stuff

I want to begin by saying "Thank you" to all of you for your sweet words of encouragement, calls, emails, cards, and prayers for my family and me over the past few weeks. You all have been such a blessing to me! Thanks so much!!!

My Memaw is out of the hospital and regaining strength at a rehab facility. Today was my Pawpaw's funeral. My parent's will be traveling home over the next few days. Please pray for safe travels for them.

Thanks to Beth at I'm Heading Toward my Destiny! for honoring my blog with The Premio Dardos Award. This award acknowledges the values that bloggers display in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values with each message they write.

Thanks to Hayley at Happy Hawkeye Homeschool House for honoring By His Grace with the Kreativ Blogger Award and the Lemonade Award which is given to blogs who show an attitude of gratitude.

You ladies made my day! I am supposed to pass these awards on to other deserving blogs. So, if you are reading this post, consider yourself awarded today. You are ALL truly a blessing to me.

Last night was our first night of Bible Study for the new semester. We are studying through the book of James. I am so excited to see what God is going to do in the lives of these precious ladies over the next several weeks. I am anticipating an awesome moving of His spirit and power! If you are in the area and looking for a Bible Study group to join, we would love to have you!

Well, my friends, I know this has been very random, but I wanted to jump on here really quick and take care of a few house cleaning things and says "thanks" to my sweet friends for your love and support. I will be back tomorrow for Psalm Friday so be sure to stop by.

Have a blessed Jesus filled day! HUGS!!!


You Are Invited

You are invited to join the ladies of Faith Bapist Church, Youngsville, North Carloina, 249 Holden Rd, for an 11 week study of the book of James. Come along as we dig deep into God's Word in search treasures that will change our lives eternally.
WHEN: Wednesday, January 7, 2009- March 25, 2009
WHERE: Faith Baptist Church, Room 3210/11
TIMES: 6:30 pm- 8:00 pm
COST: $10
Childcare is available.
If you would like to join us or would like more infomation, email me at Hope to see you there!