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Psalm Friday- Today I Rejoice

Psalm Friday
Today I Rejoice
Psalm 31

* Pray. Ask God to give you an open heart and mind to learn new truths from His Word. Read Psalm 31 through three times. Record any thoughts or questions you have in your journal. If a verse stands out to you, write it on an index card and begin committing it to memory.

Today I rejoice because the Lord's mercies are new every morning.

Today I rejoice because the Lord wraps His arms around me shielding me from the fiery darts the enemy hurls at me.

Today I rejoice because the Lord is my rock.

Today I rejoice because the Lord has inclined His ear to hear my voice.

Today I rejoice because the Lord leads and guides me.

Today I rejoice because the Lord has delivered me from the hands of my enemies.

Today I rejoice because the Lord is so very trustworthy.

Today I rejoice because the Lord is good.

Today I rejoice because the Lord is kind.

Today I rejoice because the Lord has made His face to shine upon me.

Today I rejoice because the Lord is my defender.

Today I rejoice becaue the Lord is my hope.

Today I rejoice because the Lord has set my feet in a wide open field and given me wings to fly.

What are you rejoicing in the Lord for today?




Summer Reading Fun- A Marriage Without Regrets

Having experienced the sting of marital dysfunction many years ago and then reaping the beauty of reconciliation between myself and my husband, reading A Marriage Without Regrets by Kay Arthur was a must.

Arthur's book puts into perspective God's intended plan for marriage. Yes, this is an in-your-face, step-on-your-toes kind of book, but it is all based upon the Truths of God's Word. Kay Arthur shares with us real-life experiences which have shaped who she is as an individual and a spouse. Not afraid to disclose her past, Arthur recalls and retells to her readers seasons of her life in which she was not living in a Godly manner. This very aspect of her book allows me to personally relate to her on a down to earth level.

In chapter 3, What's the Glue that Holds a Marriage Together?, Arthur says, "marriage in our fallen world is not easy. It isn't easy even for those who belong to Jesus Christ and serve Him in some prominent way." It seems every time I turn on the television or stand in the check out line at the grocery store, I hear of another couple who are headed for divorce. Because of the ministry God has called me to, I talk with women all the time who are in marriages that are falling apart. I would like to think that within the Christian community, the divorce rate would be much less than that of the "world", but sadly in recent years there doesn't seem to be much of difference. What kind of counsel are we to pass on to those whose marriages are suffering? What IS the glue that holds a marriage together?

Kay Arthur goes on to say in chapter 3, "The One who created marriage in the Garden of Eden, the One who blessed marriage at the wedding feast in Cana, and the One who gave His own body and blood to redeem us from our sins can provide a bonding agent the very forces of hell cannot break. An intimate, daily walk with God is the most crucial element for holding a husband and wife and a family together. It is the most vital relationship in all of life-..." Oh, amen and amen!! One's relationship with God IS the foundational relationship upon which all other relationships are to be built. God IS the glue that can and will hold our marriages together.

Throughout the pages of A Marriage Without Regrets, Arthur clearly lays out the importance of God being the center and foundation of one's marriage. She also addresses the role of man and woman within the marriage covenant as clearly stated in Scripture.

A Marriage Without Regrets also speaks to:
~resolving conflict within marriage
~communicating clearly with one another with compassion
~improving your intimacy
~training up children who follow after God
~becoming wise financially
~respecting and keeping your vows to each other
~responding Biblically if your mate wants to walk away

If you find yourself today in a marriage that has hit a rough spot or you're just looking to improve upon your already healthy marriage or you may be recently engaged to your future spouse; whatever the case may be, I highly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking to build a marriage without regrets.

You can purchase A Marriage Without Regrets along with it's study guide from:




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A Pattern and Plan for our Homes

Join me today over At the Well as we look into Scripture
to find the perfect pattern and plan for our homes.


Summer Reading Fun

I don't get to read as many books during the school year as I'd like due to the fact that I'm homeschooling my two oldest kiddos and usually teaching Bible study classes. So... I was thinking this summer would be a great time to read a few of those books that I've wanted to read for a while.

How about you? Up for a few good reads this summer? Here's what I'm thinking. I've gathered together several books that I'm going to read over the next several weeks. On Thursday's I will post a review and/or discussion of what I've been reading. You are more than welcome to join me by reading the same books I'm reading, or you can compile of book list of your own and join me on Thursdays by sharing with the rest of us thoughts about your book.

My book list so far consists of the following books:

A Marriage without Regrets
by Kay Arthur

The Hole in Our Gospel

by Richard Stearns

A Jewel in His Crown
by Priscilla Shirer

Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends
by Sarah Stephen and Grace Mally

Don't Make Me Count to Three!
by Ginger Plowman

Redeeming Love

by Francine Rivers

The Mentoring Mom
by Jackie Kendall

3:16 Numbers of Hope

by Max Lucado

You can get any of these book from or your local christian book store.

If you are interested in joining me for some summer reading fun, please leave a comment on this post or send me an email. Let me know if you would like to read any of the books off of my list or if you are going to compile a list of your own; this will determine what kind of discussion we can have. Feel free to copy and paste the "Summer Reading Fun" button to your blog. I hope you will all join me for some reading and relaxation. Happy reading!!

I am currently reading A Marriage Without Regrets and will be posting on it beginning this Thursday, June 25th.


Happy Father's Day

To my precious hubby,

Happy Father's Day, baby! I remember when our first child was born. Tears flowed from your eyes like water from a fountain. You stood beside her bed in the nursery afraid to touch her yet watching ever so closely as the nurses cleaned her up. It didn't take long before you were changing diapers, rocking her to sleep, and getting up for those midnight feedings.

I've watched you over the years and with the birth of each of our children I've seen your heart grow bigger and bigger. Your love for our children is evident in your selfless acts of service and the purposeful time you spend with each of them- from the dates nights with our oldest, to the trips to the "man stores" with our little man, to the bubble baths for the baby girl- you know what makes them feel special and loved. You go out of your way to make memories with them; memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for showing our children how important it is to love Jesus and serve others. Thank you for working hard to support our family. Thank you for buying Hot Wheels tracks and getting down on the floor to race the cars with our son. Thank you for painting the girls finger nails and toes nails so that they match their outfits. Thank you for teaching our girls how important they are and setting the bar high for how a man should treat them. Thank you for teaching our son to respect his sisters and mother. Thank you for teaching our children that God made them unique and has a special plan for their lives.

You are a wonderful daddy!!! Happy Father's Day!! I love you!!!

Dear Dad,

There's a special bond between little girls and their daddies that grows stronger as the years pass by. Even though I'm married and have children of my own, I still long for those times when it's just the two of us.

As I sit here today thinking about how blessed I am to be your daughter, I can't help but recall some of my most favorite times with you. From sleeping underneath the tree you were perched in while hunting, to having you sit in the back of the church adjusting the microphone for me as I practiced my solos, to training my first horse thanks to Mr. Howard, to locking my arm in yours as you walked me down the isle to marry the man of my dreams, to seeing your face in the delivery room as hubs and I welcomed our second child, to staying up late talking about Bible prophecy and ministry- you have always been there for me, loving me, and encouraging me to be who God has called me to be.

Thank you, Dad, for loving God with your whole heart and for not being ashamed to stand on the Truth. Your committment to God has instilled in me a deep love for the Lord and a passion to teach His Word. Thank you for modeling for me how to truly love and serve people. Thank you for teaching me to see the big picture and to not make quick judgments. Thank you for loving my mom and teaching me what it looks like for a woman to be honored and respected by her mate. Thank you for always pushing me to go beyond what I thought I could do. Thank you for working hard to provide for our family everything we ever needed.

You are an inspiration to me. I love you so much and thank God for allowing me to be your daughter. Happy Father's Day, Dad!!! I love you!!!



Psalm Friday- I Choose God

Psalm Friday
I Choose God
Psalm 31

* Pray. Ask God to give you an open heart and mind to learn new truths from His Word. Read Psalm 31 through three times. Record any thoughts or questions you have in your journal. If a verse stands out to you, write it on an index card and begin committing it to memory.

As I cracked open my Bible to begin studying through Psalm 31, I got not further than the first half of verse one.

"In You, O LORD, I put my trust;"
Psalm 31:1a, NKJV

Immediately a question came to my mind, "do I really trust God?" Of course I trust God... I think....I hope....I do, right?

I was curious to know what the original meaning of trust was so I grabbed my Strong's Concordance and began reading. Trust is the transliteration of the Hebrew word châsâh, which means to flee for protection; figuratively to confide in: - have hope, make refuge, (put) trust.

As I thought more about the true meaning of this word trust, I couldn't help but recall rough times in my life; times when I was in desperate need of something or someone to cling to, someone to protect me, someone to confide in, someone to trust.

Far too many times I have sought the protection of those around me, only to be wounded more. Too many times I have clung to others and confided in them the deepest secrets of my soul, only to be betrayed in the end.

Just this week I have been faced with two major "trust" issues. Due to the state of our national economy, companies are cutting back their work force. While my husband has a job today, the future is unknown. Who am I going to trust? Am I going to trust that God is sovereign and has all things resting in the palm of His hand or am I going to panic and worry myself sick?

Knowing that God has called me to serve Him and others by using the gifts He's given me of teaching and writing, my heart was saddened this week to learn that what this has looked like in the past is going to be changing. Am I going to give up, retire my pen and podium, and deny what He has called me to?

Who am I going to trust? Man or God?

Who am I going to run to for protection during those times of uncertainty? Man or God?

Who am I going to share my fears and desires with? Man or God?

Who am I going to place my hope in? Man or God?

I choose God. I choose God because time and time again He has proven Himself to be trustworthy. Time and time again, He has protected me from the enemy who sought to destroy me. Time and time again, the God of the universe has stood by my side through the good and the bad. And, time and time again He has been my blessed hope.

So, today even though I don't know what the future holds, I choose to trust God because He holds my future in His hands.

Precious one, who will you choose to trust?




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Discipline the Body

Discipline is a transliteration of the Greek word hupōpiazō which means to hit under the eye as a boxer would hit his opponent under the eye crippling him from continuing on in a fight. This word also carries with it the idea of subduing one's passions until those passion become weak. The Apostle Paul disciplined his body, crippling those fleshly desires until they became weak and were no longer a hinderance to his work for the Lord.

Paul was in the habit of disciplining his body so that he would not be disqualified from serving the Lord. He desired to live a life above reproach; a life that would enable him to be effective for God's kingdom.

Let's ask ourselves the following questions:

~Am I living a life that is above reproach?
~Am I disciplining my body? my mind? my thoughts? my eyes? my tongue? my ears? my heart? my hands? my feet?
~If I haven't been living a disciplined life, what do I need to do to get back on track?
~Are there fleshly desires that I need to rid myself of?

As a participant in God's race, we must live a very disciplined lifestyle, one that is mirroring the life of Christ. What does the life of Christ look like? His life was one that exuded humbleness, servanthood, love, forgiveness, self control, prayer, patience, and gentleness.

Are you mirroring the life of Christ? Are you humble? Are you a servant? Do you love unconditional and forgive those who wrong you? Do you practice self control? Are you making your petitions known to God? Are you patient in all things and gentle with those around you?

"For if you live according to the sinful nature, you will die;
but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live,"
Romans 8:13, NIV

The Holy Spirit will help us put to death those fleshly desires that wage war within.

God has created each of us in Him image to fulfill His purposes for our lives. The only way we can fulfill that purpose is to always walk in His shadow and to be a mirror image of who He is.


God's Water Park

We are a family who likes to have fun.

We are a family who likes to be together.

We are a family who likes to NOT spend a lot of money.

We are a family who likes to have fun together while not spending a lot of money.

So...this weekend my awesome hubby took us to "God's Water Park". I was a little apprehensive to begin with not knowing exactly where it was we were going. I was VERY apprehensive when he pulled off onto the side of the road and announced, "We're here!"

My apprehension continued to grow as we climbed over downed trees and did our best to avoid puddles of mud that screamed, "I want to suck you in!!" while making our way to this "God's Water Park" that he'd raved about all morning.

But, I must admit, once we were finally there I was like, "Rock on babe! This is great!!"

Remember in the movie "The Swiss Family Robinson", when the family took the day off and enjoyed some time at the local water hole swinging from vines and sliding down the rocks into the water? This was so that water hole minus the vines to swing from. The water was cool and refreshing and it was peaceful and quiet. It was nice; really nice.

And, we were together.

And, we were having fun.

And, we were not spending lots of money.

We were having fun together, not spending money, and enjoying "God's Water Park" made especially for us.

If, I do say so myself, this is one B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. family- and they're mine, all mine.

The Wee Princess had a blast. She had NO fear. Zero. Zippo. Zilch.

Of course we had to bring the dog. She had a great time!

We swam a little.

We relaxed a little.

We had a leaf race.

We caught tadpoles.

We enjoyed the beauty of God's creation.

We swam some more.

And, we loved on each other.


Psalm Friday

Psalm 30
Jehovah-Rapha is His Name

My plan the night before was to get up before anyone else, take my shower, grab my Bible, journal, and iPod, then head down to the dock with the intended purpose of enjoying a beautiful, quiet, peaceful morning with the Lord on my first day of vacation. And, that is exactly what I did.

I situated myself on the towel, put the earphones in my ears, turned on some awesome praise and worship music, opened my Bible and began reading Psalm 30.

"1) I will extol You, O LORD, for You have lifted me up, and have not let my
foes rejoice over me. 2) O LORD my God, I cried out to You, and You healed me.
3) O LORD, You brought my soul up from the grave; You have kept me alive, that I
should not go down to the pit."

As I began reading I couldn't help but recall the pit the Lord has rescued me from- a pit that was deep and full of filth. Years before I had been literally over my head in selfish ambition, pride, jealousy, hate, bitterness, depression, and the like. My soul was dead. I was in desperate need of a new life; a new soul. There was nowhere for me to turn, nowhere for me to go, no one for me to turn to; no one, except the Lord. At this time in my life I came to know Him as Jehovah-Rapha, the Great Physician, the God who heals.

Jehovah-Rapha took my circumstances and my dead heart and literally breathed new life into my weary body. He brought me up from the grave of bitterness, hate, and depression I was in turning my mourning into dancing. He set my feet firmly making my mountain stand strong. The enemy no longer was able to look down upon me, now he was under foot as I danced all over his face with gladness and joy.

"4) Sing praise to the LORD, you saints of His, and give thanks at the
remembrance of His holy name. 5) For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is
for life; weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning."

Sitting on the dock that beautiful morning remembering how the Lord replaced my weeping with joy caused me to raise my hands in praise and thankfulness for His goodness and mercy over my life.

"11) You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; You have
put off my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness, 12) To the end that my glory
may sing praise to You and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks to
You forever."

A wonderful picture is painted here enabling our eyes to see what the Lord does for us as He heals our hearts and takes from us those clothes of sadness and sorrow and replaces them with garments of joy and gladness.

I encourage you to prayerfully read through Psalm 30 today. As you meditate on this great Psalm praise Jehovah-Rapha for breathing new life into your dead soul. Praise Him for turning your mourning into dancing and for clothing you with garments of joy and gladness.



I pray the precious Word of God fallls sweetly on your life today. Be blessed, my friends!

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Word Filled Wednesday

You and I, as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, can endure persecution from those who do not know Him, because our Savior has defeated death, hell, and the grave. Yes, the world will attack the children of God, but praise His name, these attacks are ultimately harmless; for Christ's victory bestowed upon us the freedom to stand firm and the power to press on toward to prize awaiting us in our eternal home.
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Exemplify- June 2009 Issue

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