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Gifts Fit for a King

“We have seen His star in
the East and have come to worship Him.
And when they (the Magi) had come into the house,
they saw the young Child with Mary His mother
and fell down and worshipped Him.
And when they had opened their treasures,
they presented gifts to Him:
gold, frankincense, and myrrh.”
Matthew 2:2b & 11

The Magi came from afar to do two things: worship the King of Kings and present to Him gifts chosen and brought especially for Him; gifts that were fit for a King. These men searched for quite some time looking for Jesus. Scripture tells us when they found Him, a couple of years after His birth, they fell down prostrate before Him, worshipped Him, and presented gifts Him with gifts. The gold they offered represented Jesus’ deity or purity; the incense, the sweet fragrance of His life; and the myrrh, His sacrifice and death (myrrh was used for embalming).

Very soon my family will celebrate Christmas at my parent’s house with my sister, her husband, and grandmother. The living room will be filled with gifts for everyone to enjoy. There will be big gifts, little gifts, long skinny gifts, heavy gifts; gifts wrapped in pretty paper tied neatly with a bow; gifts in big, bright colored bags; all kinds of gifts. With all these gifts waiting to be opened, my thoughts can't help but think about Jesus and the gifts the Magi brought to Him.

The gifts they brought the Christ-child were

gifts fit for a King.


Gifts fit for a King?

Will there be any gifts in our living room that are gifts fit for a King?

We have no gold.

No aroma of frankincense will fill the room.

Myrrh? Highly unlikely.

So, what do we have that could be offered to the King? What could be given to Him this year? Does He want gold and frankincense and myrrh? No, not really. What He really wants is YOU and ME. Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords wants us. He wants our hearts. He wants us to have a real relationship with Him. That’s why He came.

So, yes- there will be gifts in that living room fit for a King; not the ones with the bows on them, but the ones with hearts longing for their King.

Beloved, fall down on your knees, worship the King, and give Him yourself today.


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HisFireFly said...

Beautifully said, Jennifer!

I posted on a similar theme yesterday at Flickers

May the blessing of His love fill you now and always.