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Then Sings My Soul Saturday

It is a beautiful day at my house. As I opened all the blinds in my kitchen this morning to let the sun shine through I couldn't help but stop and give the Lord a little praise. Our God is great! You can look all around and see His mighty hand. I can see Him in the flowers that are blooming, in the bees that are buzzing all around looking for pollen, in the clouds that fill up the ocean blue skies, in the dirty feet of my children who have played outside all day, in the eyes of my little one who laughs as she swings back and forth in the coolness of the breeze. Where have you seen His mighty hand in your life?

God is everywhere, He is great, and He deserves our praise.

Have a blessed, Jesus-filled day, sweet friends! To enjoy other inspiring songs and stories visit my friend Amy over at Signs, Miracles, and Wonders.

13 Lovely Thoughts Shared:

Mocha with Linda said...

The wonder of creation inspires my praise. Thanks for sharing!

Peculiar said...

Your blog, this post, your playlist has touched my hear this morning. I am thoroughly enjoying navigating through your meaningful and precious blog. I have added the button for the Psalm study to my blog. I love the Psalms and I love studying and sharing what I've learned about them. This post is precious. God just meets us in the mornings, through His new day and sunshine, and we miss out when we don't stop and appreciate it! Thank you for the refreshment you've brought my day.

Amy Wyatt said...

What a great song and the pictures on the video are beautiful.
I haven't had a chance to do your tag yet, but I plan too this week. I also want to start participating in Psalm Friday when I can. Our schedule has been so hectic lately, I haven't had time to write or visit blogs. One thing we are going to try to do though is pray for the people of China too. Thanks for sharing your heart.

Cheri said...

I am amazed by all the beauty the Lord has created!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

We are seeing the beginning of a blue sky this afternoon! He has given us another beautiful day!

Blessings to you!

Susan said...

Oh yes, this is one of my favs!!!

Grea song, I have not seen the video, awesome.

Your blog is so PRETTY. Amy made mine too!

Have a blessed weekend♥

ChickenNDumpling said...

Hello all my Saturday was so praise related to the all mighty, i had church all by myself.. what a awesome GOD we serve.. I enjoy reading you blog.. thanks or all the inspirations.. have a blessed day ...
Saturday weather in NYC .. was great and it was a great day to praise the LORD!...

Ang baylis said...

Thanks for sharing this song today! Our weather is great in Michigan as well! We appreciate when it finally gets nice! Have a great Sunday!
Angie xoxo

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

I LOVE that song. It really gets you moving and God is great! :) There is not better thing.

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and the prayers.
Much love,

Peggy said...

What a sweet, beautiful spirit you have! I enjoyed your praise of our aMazing God! Everyday, every minute, I am highly aware of His Mighty Hand protecting me, making small details around me beautiful amidst many grotesque things(like insects, yet they must have their I praise Him and thank you for the blessing!
God filled your worship today and rest in Him-Have a GREAT SUNDAY!
Did I tell you I love BY HIS GRACE?

Cheri said...

Haven't seen you around much. Praying for you today-that all is well!

Cheri said...

Hey, sorry but I don't have any info on the Siesta fiesta. I'm not going.

Yes I do know what you mean. I have recently decided to spend less time on the computer myself. My last little guy will be in school in a few years so I'm just gonna have as much fun with him as possible till then. Funny how we can get sooowrapped up in this!

Glad things are well with you, Cheri

kmom3 said...

Such a perfect song for spring! I love seeing all of the flowers and new plants bursting forth as if to praise Him!!!!
Blessings! Your sweet comments always mean so much to me!
Hope you have a terrific week!