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Psalm Friday

I Shall Not Want
Psalm Friday
Psalm 23, continued

* Pray. Ask God to give you an open heart and mind to learn new truths from His Word. Read Psalm 23 through three times. Record any thoughts or questions you have in your journal. If a verse stands out to you, write it on an index card and begin committing it to memory.

“I shall not want.”
Psalm 23:1b, NKJV

The statement, “I shall not want,” represents a sheep who is contented with his life because no matter what it may bring him, David knows whose hands his life is in.

This wanting goes beyond the wanting and/or desiring of material possessions; rather it is more about being contended with being under the care and leading of the Good Shepherd no matter where His leadership might take us. So often we search frantically and intently, looking for something or someone to fill an emptiness that has taken up residence depth within our souls. We think we want more of this or more of that, but in the end it’s not about something of the tangible kind that is able to fill that wanting, but rather it is only faith in the Good Shepherd and the yielding to His leadership that will lead us to the place of contentedness, to that place of not wanting.

It is the boss, the master, the owner of one’s life who makes the difference in the satisfaction of one’s soul. Jesus said, “you cannot serve two masters”- one master will leave us wanting, craving and desiring more and more; the other Master will leave us contended, satisfied, wanting nothing. With this Master, the Good Shepherd, comes true humility and submission to His leadership and authority in one’s life.

When we choose to follow the Good Shepherd we are left content and not in want for several reasons. We are not in want because the Good Shepherd:
*cares deeply for each sheep in His flock
*takes pleasure in seeing His flock grow and flourish
*will be with His flock all the time, caring for each and every individual need
*is willing to die for His sheep

Are you wanting today? Or, are you content in the pasture the Good Shepherd has lead you to? Are you hanging out by the fence thinking that you can get through this life with a heart that is divided by which master it should follow? Dear friend, we cannot serve two masters. It’s an either or, not an and/ or life decision- it’s the Good Shepherd or the lion in sheep clothing seeking to devour the weaker sheep.

Allow the Good Shepherd to be Master of your heart today, which will lead you to want for nothing more than Himself.

3 Lovely Thoughts Shared:

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Oh Jennifer, you are so awesome. Thank you for listening to our Heavenly Father, as He prompts you to share these words.
I opened you blog to see "I shall not want", and was immediately thinking, "Well, I know why I am reading this, today." My hubby is still out of work. We know that something is brewing in the near future. But, that is not today, and that means that no paychecks are being deposited. I do have faith, and God has been faithfully meeting our needs both physically and spiritually. I do know that He will supply all our needs, but I am human with failings. Oh I cried yesterday as I was balancing the check books and looking toward paying some bills. Then, it was just like God, a rebate AT&T Visa card for $100 dollars came in the mail (from the purchase of my husbands cell phone - months earlier). Okay, I get it. Don't worry, don't want, "I will supply all your needs."
Anyway, you post was just added confirmation.
Loved it, and love your heart!

Peggy said...

Blessings Jenifer...It's so good to know the Good Shepherd! It's so good to be reading your Psalm Friday with Psalm 23!

I shall not want...or I have no wants...but either way, I will SEEK the Lord first! This Psalm starts off with the "Lord is My Shepherd"...if you don't start with knowing and allowing Him to be your may have wants and many wants. It's only after you allow Him to be your all things
that you will not want.

How true and sound your words and wisdom! How beautiful the illustration of Our Good Shepherd!

Whenever I want or fear< I lean on Him...whenever I'm in trouble, this is the Psalm that quickly rises up inside of me. I sing a version I learned while very young. Some time the words are not all there and I need to refresh in His WORD!

I wanted to say...oh Jenifer "this is one of my favorites," but I am finding I have too many favorites recently...and Psalm 23 is much more than a is my daily manna, my psalm that is right on the gasp of my breathe...when troubled, when refreshed, when fearful, when in the valley, when triumphantly making it through the mountains, when fearing for my safety, when in need of rest, when in want of being filled, when realizing my emptiness, when seeking His guidance or will, when looking to those soft, gentle hands of My Shepherd, when acknowledging a need of His rod and staff!

My initial response to "Shall not want" is there are far too many in society...but clearly here in a Third world country with so much have and be asking or demanding for justices of having their daily needs met...much before seeking their spiritual needs being met. Many Christians are choosing to first address their physical needs before trying to share Jesus. My eyes are clearly open and though many are suffering from the economic crisis, loss of jobs, homes, etc.
we are still a selfish people in all parts of the world. Most say that USA is the most giving and the most blessed! But sadly I see a selfish nature... a"me-first" mentality. Of course, we all have basic needs that must be met and we search instinctively to fill those needs. It is Jesus who wants to fill as you put so well! You and your words once more bless and bring glory to the Word of God!

Be blessed as you bless through speaking the Truth. Thank you! Thank You, Lord for Jenifer!

Dotwigg said...

I am so excited we are on this psalm together. This is MY psalm, God has had me here many times. I cannot wait to see what you uncover and the background and explanation you give on this rich communication. Don't mean to flatter, but this is true. Sister you are gifted in "digging" and brushing the scripture nuggets that make them shine in all directions. Thank you for sharing what you have seen in these passages and whatever God lays on your heart.