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Snackin' Issues

9:00 a.m.
Son- "Mom, can I have a snack?"
Me- "It's not time for a snack yet, you just ate breakfast."

9:15 a.m.
Son- "Mom, can I have a snack now?"
Me- "No. Remember you just asked me that question and I just gave you an answer?"

9: 30 a.m.
Son- "Mom, I'm really hungry. Can I have a snack now?"
Me- "Didn't I just answer that question?"

9:45 a.m.
Son- "Mom, I'm reeeaaallly, reeeaaallly hungry. Can I have a snack now?"
Me- Give him the "mom look."

10:00 a.m.
Son- "Mom, can I PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have a snack now?"
Me- "Yes! Yes, you can! Because, now it IS time for snack."
Son- "Well, what can I have?"
Me- *Sigh*

Do you have snack issues at your house? Surely not! (smile) My kiddos love to eat and every time I turn around they are asking for something to snack on. Hubs says they are the "snackinest youngin's" he's ever seen. I would have to agree!

I recently read an article written by a friend that I do believe may have solved some snackin issues in this here house of mine. I've followed Amy's advice and prepared ALL my kiddos snacks, both morning and afternoon, for the next two weeks. Take a look.
We went to the store together and they helped me pick out some of their favorite snacks: apples with peanut butter, cheese sticks, fruit leathers, pickles, carrots with Ranch dressing, granola bars and a few other yummy things.
When we got home I divided the snacks and placed them into Ziploc bags. Each bag contains two snacks for each kiddo. I labeled the bags by the day of the week and by the time of the day the snacks were to be eaten. For example, Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon, and so on and so forth. I also went ahead and put the peanut butter in the bags with the apples and the Ranch in the bags for the carrots because who can eat apples without peanut butter and carrots without Ranch? Not my kiddos! Then I placed those bags into two baskets, a refrigerator basket and a cabinet basket and put the baskets in their rightful spots.
I made a menu for the next two weeks that lists what they have waiting for them to devour at snack time. This menu lets my kiddos know where they need to look for their snack, in the fridge or in the cabinet.

Now, when it's time for snack we have a plan in place and all parties involved are happy and well feed. What do you do for snack time? Any special, yummy snacks you and your family love to devour together? Do share!!!


3 Lovely Thoughts Shared:

Ann said...

Yep we have snack issues at our house, for sure. This is a awesome plan that I just may have to try. With growing kids they never seem to get enough!

Amy Bayliss said...

That looks great, Jen! I hope it works out for you guys. It certainly has worked wonders for us!

REAL ME said...

What a wonderful idea. Great.