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Exemplify Online- May 2010

"In those days, much like our day in age, there where lines…dividing lines that placed families, friends, and acquaintances on opposing sides. Religion divided. Race divided. Social status divided. Gender divided. Marital status divided. Differences of opinion divided. And on and on the list could grow. Very seldom would one find these differing parties conversing with one another, unless it was to debate an issue or try a man, as was the case with Jesus.

As children of the Most High God, saved by His grace alone, this same commission is given to us this very day. God is calling us to go into our neighbors, our communities, our workplaces, our schools, our churches, our homes for the sole purpose of making new disciples. He is calling us to cross over those racial lines, gender lines, socio-economic status lines, those lines of religion and differing of opinions and share His message of hope and healing. He is calling us to flesh out our faith in Him by stepping out of our comforts zones, opening up our mouths and letting His message of healing flow from our lips." (Crossing Over the Lines that Divide, by Jenifer Jernigan, Exemplify Online Magazine, May 2010, pages 48-50)

To read "Crossing Over the Lines that Divide" in it's entirety and many more wonderful articles, hop on over to Exemplify. This month's theme...faithfulness.


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