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Teaching Topics

Need a speaker for an upcoming retreat or women's event?

Contact Jenifer at for details. Below you'll find a sampling of lessons taught in the past. Jenifer is more than happy to work with your women's ministry team to develop specific topics for your women's event. Or, of course if you don't have a preference, she would love to share with you what God has been teaching her lately.

God...who are You?
When you think about God, what thoughts come to mind? Do you picture Him as caring, kind, and compassionate? Is He always forgiving, always faithful, always a friend to you? Does He love you unconditionally, meet you where you are, heal your every wound? Can you go to Him with anything, at anytime? Or, do you view God as judgmental, full of wrath, not caring about your life struggles? Do you see Him as unapproachable and unloving? Do you view God as only loving you when you do something right or something you feel is worthy of being loved? Is God untouchable to you- someone who is way up there in Heaven sitting on a throne that cares nothing about little you?

Jenifer's goal is to lead you to look into the person of who God is and how He loves and cares for His children. Her desire is for you to grow in your relationship with Him and for you to know with all your heart that He loves you with all His heart. She wants you to experience, like never before, the God who sees all your hurts and longs to heal your wounds and leave knowing that He is God Almighty, the God Most High, the Great I AM, the Lord.
Jenifer has complied this into a 9 week Bible Study entitled "God...who are You & what can You do for me? Getting to know the Almighty God." Interested in this for yourself or your church's women's group? Contact us here for more information.

To Know Him More
Most of us have heard the term "quiet time" and been told that we need to be having one. But, what exactly is a quiet time, why do we need to be having one, and how in the world do we do it?

Jenifer would like to share with you a few things the Lord has shown her about the importance of spending daily quiet time with the Lord.

To Love, Honor, and Cherish
Marriage is not easy, especially when God is not the foundation upon which it has been built. Jenifer openly shares with others the struggles she and her husband went through early on in their marriage. It wasn't until God became number one in each of their lives that their marriage began its journey down the road of healing and forgiveness.

Jenifer and her husband are a living example that nothing is impossible for God. Her desire is to
bring hope to the wounded and to encourage them to continue fighting for their families.

The Parable of the Soils
In Matthew 13:1-23 Jesus told the parable of the soils to teach His disciples and other followers the importance of the preparedness of ones heart for the Word of God. He used the familiarity of planting because this was something most were all able to relate to and understand.
Jenifer discusses the four types of paths/ ground described in this passage that Jesus will later tie together with a person’s heart: the earth path, the rocky path, the thorny path, and the good path. Which path best represents your heart?

Dancing with Foolishness?
Mankind, by himself, cannot seek after God because man is corrupt, evil, and full of sin. Psalm 14 is a picture of a people who have turned their backs on their Creator and are running as hard as they can away from Him. The joy of this Psalm is that God loves all peoples, desires to know them personally, and has provided a way to be re-united with them.

As Jenifer studied through this Psalm, she couldn’t help but remember the many times in her life that she ran in the opposite direction of her Creator; times when she was foolish and chose to do things her way. There have been times when she has lived like there was no God. And the sad thing is, these times didn’t just affect her, they affected all those around. Jenifer will share a particular occasion in her life when her dancing with foolishness affected someone around her. She will also share what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

**A weekend retreat would consist of a Friday evening session and two sessions on Saturday. "My Chains are Gone" would be an example of material for a weekend retreat. "God...who are You?" can be adapted for either a weekend retreat or a one day women's event.

My Chains are Gone
Psalm 18 is David's thanksgiving and praise of God for the many times God had delivered him from his enemy. David desired always to keep these memories fresh in his mind and to speak of them often. It was his passion to share with others what God had rescued him from. Psalm 18 is a beautiful Psalm full of poetry and imagery of a God who fights for and protects His people.

Session titles for this lesson would be:
~Live in Freedom- Verses 1-6
~Does Prayer Matter?- Verses 7-19
~Be Proud of Who You Are- Verses 20-28

**Coming Soon:
Sister, Get Off that Camel!- Genesis 24

I do not have a set speaker fee. Any love gift will be graciously accepted and in turn be put back into the ministry of By His Grace for the purposes of furthering God's Kingdom. I do ask that travel, food, and lodging arrangements be taken care of by the host church.

I look forward to serving you and your women's group.


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