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Forever Rejoicing

I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would be on such a great adventure with the Lord. He has delivered me from a deep, deep pit of sin and I will forever rejoice in Him. “Forever Rejoicing: A Journey through the Psalms” began as a direct command from the Lord. As, I lay in bed one night talking to the Lord about where to begin the New Year in His Word, He immediately said to me, “Psalm. Begin in the Psalms.” So, that’s what I’ve done and am continuing to do. I invite to join me in this journey as we study through the book of Psalms. There are 150 beautiful Psalms, so it’s going to take us some dedicated time to get all the way through them. I know you are probably thinking, “there’s no way I can do that!”- I was thinking the same thing and even asked the Lord if He was sure that’s what He wanted me to do- guess what He said- YES!

As we study through each of the Psalms I will share with you my thoughts, challenges the Lord has presented me with, questions for you to answer to help you dig in more or thoughts for you to ponder. This is a big commitment I know, but God is calling us to step up, to stop making excuses for the sin in our lives, to stop being so lazy, and to allow Him to transform us into the Godly women He so desires us to be. So, grab your Bible, notebooks and pens, a good cup of coffee and get ready to dig into God’s Word. I can’t wait! Here we go. Look through the list of Psalms, choose the Psalm you would like to read, click on it, and enjoy your time with the Lord. This list will be updated as we study through a new Psalm.

Father, how we praise Your Name. You are Yahweh, the Lord. Thank You that You are a personal God who loves us where we are, but refuses to leave us there. You desire for us so much more than we could ever begin to imagine. You always have our best interest in mind. As we embark on this journey through the Book of Psalms, we commit to You right now that we will set aside time each day to spend with You; time in Your Word, time in conversation with You, and time listening to You speak. Teach us new truths from Your Word that we may hide in hearts so we can be the Godly women You’ve called us to be to the precious ones You have placed in our lives. Father, I ask on behalf of each of these women, myself included, that You would place in our lives a Heart Friend to join us in this journey; someone to walk with, someone who will encourage us when we are struggling, someone who can strengthen us and hold us accountable to this commitment we are making. It is my prayer that our lives would be transformed more into the image of Your Son, our Savior, through the digging in of the Word. Precious Lord, we love You and we give You all praise, honor, and glory. Bless our time in Your Word. Amen.

Introduction to the Psalms
Psalm 1- By the Streams of Living Water
Psalm 2- Part 1, The Anointed King
Psalm 2- Part 2, The Anointed King
Psalm 3- Part 1, How do You Treat Your Enemies?
Psalm 3- Part 2, God is our Defense
Psalm 4- My Righteousness
Psalm 5- My God and My King
Psalm 6- Discipline=Christ-likeness
Psalm 7- How do you SEE God?
Psalm 8- Star Light, Shine Bright
Psalm 9- Praise Him in the Storms
Psalm 10- He is our Constant
Psalm 11- Bring it On!
Psalm 12- We are not Alone!
Psalm 13- Sorrow is but for a Moment!
Psalm 14- Dancing with Foolishness?
Psalm 15- A "Q & A" Gathering
Psalm 16- Golden Nuggets of Truth
Psalm 17- Sleep in Peace
Psalm 18- Part 1, Live in Freedom
Psalm 18- Part 2, Does Prayer Matter?
Psalm 18- Part 3, Boasting in the Lord
Psalm 19- God's Word is...
Psalm 20- I will boast in the name of the LORD
Psalm 21- Part 1, Praisin' and Rejoicin'
Psalm 21- Part 2, Clothed with Righteousness
Psalm 21- Part 3, Victory is Coming!
Psalm 22- Part 1, The Psalm of the Cross
Psalm 22- Part 2, The Roar of a Lion
Psalm 22- Part 3, God is still Holy and to be Praised
Psalm 22- Part 4, He makes Everything Beautiful
Psalm 22- Part 5, He had Hope
Psalm 22- Part 6, A Savior's View
Psalm 22- Part 7, Tell of His Greatness
Psalm 23- Part 1, The Pearl of the Psalms
Psalm 23- Part 2, The LORD, He is my Shepherd
Psalm 23- Part 3, I Shall Not Want
Psalm 23- Part 4, "It's ok, little one, I've got you"
Psalm 23- Part 5, In His Presence in Contentment
Psalm 23- Part 6, Those Pesky Flies
Psalm 23- Part 7, Lush, Green Pastures
Psalm 23- Part 8, The Living Waters
Psalm 23- Part 9, Restoration for Dolly
Psalm 23- Part 10, The Path of Obedience
Psalm 23- Part 11, Keep Walking Through
Psalm 23- Part 12, His Rod and His Staff
Psalm 23- Part 13, He Prepared the Way
Psalm 23- Part 14, His Anointing
Psalm 23- Part 15, Goodness and Mercy
Psalm 23- Part 16, Remain in Him
Psalm 24- Who is this King of Glory?
Psalm 25- Lift up Your Soul
Psalm 26- Walk in His Way
Psalm 27- The Tent of the Lord
Psalm 28- Lift Your Hands in His Holy Sanctuary
Psalm 29- Don't Fear the Storm- Praise the Lord
Psalm 30- Jehovah-Rapha is His Name


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Liza Campbell Tice said...

Okay Jen so I was reading through my Bible and realized I was just reading so I had to stop and regroup!! Here I go studying Psalm.

Love you girl and keep it coming! God has truly blessed you!