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Registration for the Christmas Giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced Monday, December 17, 2007. Thanks to all of you who participated! Many blessings and much love!!

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Deb said...


At this season of life, Mary is the character that represents inward PEACE in a fearful, unknown and stormy time of life. Fear of rejection, letting others down, doing the wrong thing, being misunderstood. Those are qualities that all human beings can and will wrestle with at one time or another. Fear of being alone, rejection and disappointsment can and is offset by the love of Christ and the power that the Holy Spirit gives. When knowing, without any doubt and then again sometimes with human doubt, that God will never leave you, never let you down and always love you in grace and mercy, is a PEACE that satisifes a person's soul and spirit deep within the crevices our the heart. Mary had this type of PEACE because God is God and FAITH is believing without seeing. Always know God will never leave in any situation................