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Loving Your Husband More

I stand corrected, convicted, and put in my place. My husband came home from work last night to a messy kitchen and chicken nuggets and French fries for dinner. As I sat at the kitchen counter gathering all my Bible study stuff together to go meet with the young girl I’m mentoring I heard him mumble under his breath as he surveyed the kitchen, “I feel like I have two jobs.” “Excuse me,” I said, extremely offended by his comment. I continued the conversation giving no thought to what was about to come out of my mouth, “now you know how I feel everyday trying to home school your 8 year old daughter who thinks she already knows everything, trying to keep your 5 year old son from breaking his neck because he absolutely has no fear of anything dangerous, and following around your 9 month daughter who is just like her brother (everything becomes his when I’m trying to prove a point J).” Then came the grand finale- as I sat up a little straighter on my perch, I exclaimed, “not only am I doing ALL that, I am also teaching and writing a Bible Study, mentoring, writing the women’s newsletter, planning women’s ministry stuff, writing on the blog, and (this had to be said because it involved him) I’m helping you with Sunday School. So, yes, the kitchen in a mess and if you don’t want to clean it up (I thought he’d feel sorry for me and do it), then just leave it and I’ll do it later.” He then had the nerve to say while looking at me square in the eyes, “Okay. I will leave it. And, what comes first- serving your family or others?” Can you believe he said that!?! THE NERVE! Well, I left because I had a meeting to go to and my point had been shot down.

Can I just tell you that on my way to my very important meeting; God, in the most loving way possible, knocked me down off my perch. It was quite a long fall because I had built it up pretty high- selfishness and pride tends to lift us up far above where we should be. I arrived at my meeting a little battered and bruised from my fall; or should I say knock out. But, that knock out needed to happen.

I came home to the same mess I left and to a husband who intentional left it that way to help me put things back into their proper perspective. Praise God for Godly husbands who desire the best for their crazy wives! He didn’t leave the kitchen a mess because he believes that’s only a woman’s job, but because God was using him as my iron sharpening tool for that lesson I needed to learn. So, as he played his Guitar Hero I sat in my room humbly before the Lord seeking His forgiveness, grace, and guidance for my busy schedule. I’m sure you guess what I’m doing today; I am spending the majority of my day today cleaning house and preparing a dinner that does not consist of nuggets and fries.

Was my point made through all my ramblings? Uh… NO! But God’s point was clearly made to me. What did God teach me through this knock out? He taught me how to love my husband more- how to serve my family better. Now, don’t get me wrong- God has called us each to different ministries outside of our homes, but our number one ministry is to love God with all our heart, then serve, with much love and respect, the families He’s blessed us with. After that, all else will fall in place where it should be.

“Let the wife see that she respects her husband.” Ephesians 5:33b

Putting our love for our husbands into practice:
Make a coupon book of love and acts of kindness that you can give your husband. He can cash in those coupons as he chooses. Include in your book things that are tailor made just for him; things that are going to make him feel special and loved by you. Include special acts of kindness to remind you of special things you can do for him. This can also be done for your children. Make today a day of much love for your precious hubby and kiddos.

Cover of my coupon book of love and acts of kindness book.

Some of my coupons: good for one bubble bath for two, good for one Saturday of sleeping in late, good for one Venti Triple Shot Carmel Macchiato upside down.
More coupons: good for one surprise date; good for one new book or cd; freebie- good for whatever you choose.
Some of my acts of kindness: brush your teeth in the morning so that you have fresh breath to kiss him good-bye; love his family.

More acts of kindness: get a babysitter for the night- meet him at work and take him to his favorite resturant, pray for your husband, leave a love note in his car for him to find the next morning.
I'd love to hear from all of you. What are you going to put in your book of love coupons and acts of kindness?

2 Lovely Thoughts Shared:

Jamie said...

Thanks for the coupon ideas. Ben's birthday is tomorrow and I plan to use this idea. I will also include coupons for a massage and a pedicure. Yes...a pedicure. Men love them, whether they admit it or not!

Sandra Wood Peoples said...

Hi Jenifer! I wanted to let you know I used your story from this post in a post I did- here's the link

Thanks for being so honest and real!