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On the Sixth Day.......Turtles

"God said, 'Let the land produce all kinds of living
creatures. Let there be livestock, and creatures that move along the ground,
and wild animals. Let there be all kinds of them."
And that's exactly what happened.'"
Genesis 1:24

Saturday midday the kids came barging through the front door screaming, "A turtle, a turtle. It's digging a hole in the yard!" Chris went out to see what all the commotion was. Sure enough there was a turtle in the yard across the street digging a hole. She used her back feet to dig down deep and pull out hand fulls of dirt. About an hour or so went by and the kids came running again, "she's laying eggs, she's laying eggs!" I grabbed my camera and ran along side them to where the turtle was. How often does one get to see a turtle laying eggs I ask you? I was amazed at what I saw. Momma turtle had dug a hole about six inches deep. The circumference of the hole wasn't too big or too small for her eggs to fall down into. It was just right. She began laying her eggs. One at a time a miracle was performed right before our eyes. After she laid the eggs, she would gently push them into the hole. When she was done laying her eggs she began grabbing hand fulls of dirt to cover her babies up and then she took off back down to the pond. Chris and I talked later about how precise she was and how only Elohim, Creator God, could have spoken such a wonder into being. Friends, our God is great and greatly to be praised!

9 Lovely Thoughts Shared:

Krista said...

What an awesome post and precious blessing you were apart of. Great pictures too! Have a blessed day! Krista

Jamie said...

That is so neat! I love the pictures. I am sure Mama Turtle appreciated you snapping pictures (no pun intended) of her while she was pushing out all of those eggs! That makes me turtles go into labor? Do they have contractions like we do? Hmmm...sorry, I digress. Reproduction of any kind is such a miracle and true evidence of a creative and brilliant God!

Lisa Roszler said...

Great pics! :)

What a blessing to be able to witness the cycle of life in motion! I mean, how often does one get to watch that? It's a moment your kids will treasure for years! (Fast forward to 2038, when the grandkids are sitting at your feet... "Grandma, did mommy really watch a turtle lay eggs when she was my age?") Good thing you documented it!

I found you through Ringsurf, which I joined last week. Then I noticed that not only do you live in NC, as do I, but you list P31 in your daily reads! Are you coming to the conference this weekend?

Thanks for an enjoyable read!

Cheri said...

How cool is that!! What an experience for the kids! Great pics and great reminder of the majesty of our Creator!

Peggy said...

Oh Jenifer...this is so aMazing and brings back such memories of my two and tutles laying eggs in or yard! You have captured such beautiful photos for your kids to remember and learn so much from this experience! What a God inspired moment and miracle indeed before your eyes! How she didn't even concern herself of your presence and stayed on task is truly how God created the mother
to be...Praising the Creator with you and your wonder of His creation captured as precisely as this turtle! Aim & Focus!!! Such excellence...Be blessed for the encouragement you have given me.
I knew seeds were planted and I do trust in the watering but mostly that GOD will sow it! Thank you so much for reminding me & praying!

lori said...

I just came by to visit...I am co~owner of the cafe with Amy B....I got the devo you sent us and it is wonderful! Thank you! We're keeping it for a Guest Post!!

What a great place you have...Isn't AMY great!!
And the turtles...we watched them when I lived in Florida, we went at night to watch the hatching....COOLEST thing EVER!!! Amazing......right??


ocean mommy said...

THAT is so cool! Very cool pictures...there's your science lesson for the day!

Glad you like the CD! It's great isn't it.;)

Have a wonderful weekend

lori said...

Hey girl...those sidebar thingys, I make yourself if you want one....:)

or let me know if there is something you do want...:)

jamie in rose cottage said...

How wonderful!!!