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Sometimes there is a Greater Purpose

Last Sunday my daughter and I went to pick out a new dog for our family. She picked out a cute little bundle of fur that took to her as soon as we walked in the gate. We brought little Sophie home and began loving on her and making her a part of our family. As the week passed by Sophie began getting sick. By the end of the week we knew that our time with Sophie was going to be short. Come to find out she and all of her brothers and sisters had parvo, a very deadly disease for puppies. I had done everything that I knew to do, but it was too late and Friday afternoon Sophie passed away.

Our heart's were broken into a million pieces. Why do these things happen? Why didn't God answer our prayers and heal Sophie? As we went through the weekend I asked myself these questions over and over in my mind. Our weekend was very busy so I was somewhat distracted by what had happened on Friday, but my mind continued to ask why? What is it that You are trying to teach me Lord through all of this? After we told the kids Friday night that Sophie was gone Hannah, my 8 year old daughter, went into her room and began writing and drawing (wonder where she gets that from? :) ). I went in her room and lay on her bed for about 45 minutes as she wrote and drew. This precious child brought it all into perspective for me. Here is what she wrote exactly as she wrote it.

"Sophie is a good dog. She is fun. She is not very mean. She sleeps a lot. And I love her. But she is gone. I loved her a lot. But she is dead. I am very sad. Whne I wrote this I was crying. I am sad now. I love her today still. I will never forget her. There is a place in my heart were she is. I am still sad. I remember now. She is still in my heart. I love her today. I will never ever forget her."

Can you imagine the fun God experienced with Adam and Eve as they walked in the garden together? Can you hear them laughing over the names of some of the animals God created- the sucker-footed bat, the hagfish, the star-nosed mole, the blobfish? I can see God standing over Adam and Eve watching them sleep at night. I wonder if He sang lullabies to them? God had a deep, compassionate love for Adam and Eve, but because sin crept into their hearts, and they were no longer able to live in the presence of a holy God. I believe God cried as He cast them from the garden. His heart was broken into a million pieces. He desired for them to enjoy one anothers fellowship forever. Even though he would be separated from Adam and Eve from now on, there was still a special place in His heart reserved just for them.

God desires to have a relationship with each and everyone of us. There is a special place in His heart for all of us; His heart is that big. He will never leave us, never forsake us, never forget us. He loves us the same yesterday, today, and forever. Our names, in fact, are inscribed on the palms of His hands. We may lose loved ones, our plans may change, there will be times when our hearts will grieve and there will be times when we will shout for joy. Sweet friend, God desires to be there will us through it all. Yes, it hurt to lose this little puppy, but God had a greater purpose through it all. His purpose was to remind me of His faithfulness and never-ending love.

"See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands;
your wall are continually before Me."
Isaiah 49:16, NKJV

3 Lovely Thoughts Shared:

Cheri said...

I am sad for you because of Sophie.
I hope your baby girl is feeling better today. I'll pray for her.

Darlene said...

Loosing a pet can be so hard. Your daughter is so great to put her feelings down on paper. I will say a prayer for your family.

Dotwigg said...

I am so sorry to hear that Sophie is gone. But, how precious that Hannah was able to express her feelings so well. Maybe there will be a blog in her future :).

Remember the good times, even though they were short. God is good even in the painful times.

Blessings to your sweet family.