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Gathering At the Well

Gathering At the Well

Psalm 97 gives us a beautiful and powerful picture of the Most High God. He is a God so powerful that the mountains melt and the earth trembles in His presence. How would our lives be different if we saw God as great and powerful as the Psalmist declares Him to be? How would our views of Him change? Would we be even affected at all?

Join me today for a Gathering At the Well.

I do hope you will join in on the discussion by linking your blog to At the Well with your post answering the discussion questions. Or, if you don't have a blog, you can simply leave a comment At the Well instead. So hop on over and have a blessed day!

4 Lovely Thoughts Shared:

June said...

Wondrous and glorious is our God...
the Most High...I shall ever live to sing his praises.

Nice to meet you, I hope our paths
cross again soon.


Transparent Tulip said...

found your blog through at the well. thank you for making me think about who my most high is this week. hard stuff, but much needed words.

Joyfull said...

Beautiful thought for us to see God as the Psalmist declares. May we always reverence and love Him.

Krista said...

Come see my new blog design. It's so cute and I am so excited about it.
Hope you are having a great week my friend!