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A Fun Day at the Farm!!

Recently, we visited a local farm with our homeschool co-op group. We went on a hay ride, smelled the fresh aroma of cow patties, got lost in the corn maze, played on the tractors, bounced in the fun house, chased each other in the hay, picked pumpkins, milked a cow (well, not a "real" cow), and enjoyed a yummy picnic lunch.

It was a great time had by all!! Thanks Green Acres Farm!!!

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Please Pray with Me

Please join me in praying for baby Stellan and his family. Today is Stellan's 1st birthday and he is spending it in the hospital with some heart issues he has had since before he was born. He is not doing well right now. Please pray for him, his mom, dad, and three siblings, and the doctors and nurses who are caring for him.

You can read his story here. Thank you so much for praying with me. May God be glorified!

Prayers for Stellan

"For where two or three are gathered together in My name,
I am there in the midst of them."
Matthew 18:20, NKJV



WFW- Behold His GLORY

Reflect the GLORY of the Lord today in
all that you do.

For more WFW, join Susan at Forever His.



It's Bible Study Night!!!!

Tonight is Bible Study night and I'm pumped! I can't wait to get with my girls, drink some coffee, and dig into the Word. There's just nothing better!!!

I've done several "formal" Bible studies over the years, but I'll tell ya, I think this one (Lord, I Need Grace to Make it Today by Kay Arthur) is one of the best I've ever done. Before I started this study, I thought I had a pretty good grasp on the concept of grace, but I'm finding that what I did know was surface level; digging into the Word more has opened up a whole new side of grace for me.

Grace, grace, God's grace.
Grace that will pardon and cleanse within.

Grace, grace, God's grace,
Grace that is greater than all our sin!

Marvelous grace! Beautiful grace! Abounding grace!! Grace- it's AMAZING!

Let me share with you a few excerpts from the past weeks studies.

"Many times our witness for Jesus Christ lacks power because we don't allow the Law of God to convict sinners of their sin. We forget that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners." (Lord, I Need Grace to Make it Today, Kay Arthur, pg. 51.)

"Salvation is not merely salvation from hell and eternal condemnation. Hell and eternal condemnation are the consequences of sin. When one is saved, one is saved from the power of sin." (Lord, I Need Grace to Make it Today, Kay Arthur, pg. 51)

"Grace delivers us from sin's penalty and sin's reigning power." (Lord, I Need Grace to Make it Today, Kay Arthur, pg. 51)

"Grace frees man from religion and brings him into a relationship with God. Grace brings life, but it is also the means by which we are to live and to please our Father God. Grace is key to our relationship with God." (Lord, I Need Grace to Make it Today, Kay Arthur, pg. 63)

And one more...

"There is no pit too deep, no sin too great but that there is enough grace and more to rescue us and cover all our sins. Where sin did abound, grace did much more abound! That's what God said, and we must take Him at His Word." (Lord, I Need Grace to Make it Today, Kay Arthur, pg. 82)

Good, good stuff- wouldn't you agree? Want your own copy of Lord, I Need Grace to Make it Today by Kay Arthur? Keep your eyes on By His Grace, some exciting giveaways are in the very near future.

Here are a few pictures from Bible study night a few weeks ago.

Chattin' before diggin' in the Word.

Sharing memory verses at the door.

Deep in thought.

Friends are flowers in life's garden.

Recently our Bible Study group had the privilege of serving at our local Pregnancy Support Services Annual Fundraising Banquet. We had a wonderful time being the hands and feet of Jesus that night.

Are you involved in any Bible Studies right now? I love to hear how to Lord is speaking to your heart and to your group of ladies.



Snackin' Issues

9:00 a.m.
Son- "Mom, can I have a snack?"
Me- "It's not time for a snack yet, you just ate breakfast."

9:15 a.m.
Son- "Mom, can I have a snack now?"
Me- "No. Remember you just asked me that question and I just gave you an answer?"

9: 30 a.m.
Son- "Mom, I'm really hungry. Can I have a snack now?"
Me- "Didn't I just answer that question?"

9:45 a.m.
Son- "Mom, I'm reeeaaallly, reeeaaallly hungry. Can I have a snack now?"
Me- Give him the "mom look."

10:00 a.m.
Son- "Mom, can I PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have a snack now?"
Me- "Yes! Yes, you can! Because, now it IS time for snack."
Son- "Well, what can I have?"
Me- *Sigh*

Do you have snack issues at your house? Surely not! (smile) My kiddos love to eat and every time I turn around they are asking for something to snack on. Hubs says they are the "snackinest youngin's" he's ever seen. I would have to agree!

I recently read an article written by a friend that I do believe may have solved some snackin issues in this here house of mine. I've followed Amy's advice and prepared ALL my kiddos snacks, both morning and afternoon, for the next two weeks. Take a look.
We went to the store together and they helped me pick out some of their favorite snacks: apples with peanut butter, cheese sticks, fruit leathers, pickles, carrots with Ranch dressing, granola bars and a few other yummy things.
When we got home I divided the snacks and placed them into Ziploc bags. Each bag contains two snacks for each kiddo. I labeled the bags by the day of the week and by the time of the day the snacks were to be eaten. For example, Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon, and so on and so forth. I also went ahead and put the peanut butter in the bags with the apples and the Ranch in the bags for the carrots because who can eat apples without peanut butter and carrots without Ranch? Not my kiddos! Then I placed those bags into two baskets, a refrigerator basket and a cabinet basket and put the baskets in their rightful spots.
I made a menu for the next two weeks that lists what they have waiting for them to devour at snack time. This menu lets my kiddos know where they need to look for their snack, in the fridge or in the cabinet.

Now, when it's time for snack we have a plan in place and all parties involved are happy and well feed. What do you do for snack time? Any special, yummy snacks you and your family love to devour together? Do share!!!



In Our Father's Eyes

At the Well Blog Button

Wearing the same spit-up stained shirt you've been wearing for two days now? Throw on a hat and spray a little extra body spray this morning because you didn't have time to shower and fix your hair? Feeling less than beautiful these days?

Join me today over At the Well...In Pursuit of Titus 2.



The Story Behind the Song

"The Lord is not slack concerning His promise,
as some count slackness,
but is longsuffering toward us,
not willing that any should perish
but that all should come to repentance."
2 Peter 3:9, NKJV

A few Christmas' ago I asked for a devotional type book on hymns. I wanted something that would tell me about the author who penned the hymn and the story behind his/her writing it. My mom came through for me and found Then Sings My Soul by Robert J. Morgan. This book contains 300 of the world's greatest hymn stories. From "Rock of Ages" to "Amazing Grace" to "O How I love Jesus," these beautiful old hymns are given new life as one reads their story.

I was reminded of a magnificent hymn this week when I visited a friend's blog and just had to read more about it.

"Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing" was written by Robert Robinson in 1758. Robert's father died when he was young, and his mother, unable to control him, sent him to London to learn barbering. What he learned instead was drinking and gang-life. When he was 17, he and his friends reportedly visited a fortune-teller. Relaxed by alcohol, they laughed as she tried to tell their futures. But something about the encounter bothered Robert, and that evening he suggested to his buddies they attend the evangelistic meeting being held by George Whitefield.

Whitefield was one of history's greatest preachers, with a voice that was part foghorn and part violin. That night he preached from Matthew 3:7: "But when He saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to His baptism, He said to them, 'Brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?' " Bursting into tears, Whitefield exclaimed, "Oh, my hearers! The wrath to come! The wrath to come!"

Robert immediately sobered up and sensed Whitefield was preaching directly to him. The preacher's words haunted him for nearly three years, until December 10, 1755, when he gave his heart to Christ.

Robert soon entered the ministry, and three years later at age 23, while serving Calvinist Methodist Chapel in Norfolk, England, he wrote a hymn for his sermon on Pentecost Sunday. It was a prayer that the Holy Spirit flood into our hearts with His streams of mercy, enabling us to sing God's praises and remain faithful to Him. "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing," has been a favorite of the church since that day.

Robinson continued working for the Lord until 1790, when he was invited to Birmingham, England, to preach for Dr. Joseph Priestly, a noted Unitarian. There, on the morning of June 8, he (Robinson) was found dead at age 54, having passed away quietly during the night. (story taken from Then Sings My Soul by Robert J. Morgan, page 109.)

Listen to the beautiful words of Robert Robinson's "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing."



Word Filled Wednesday

He calms the rushing seas and causes the waves to billow with but a word;

He is the LORD.



King of Kings.

Ruler of all things.

Creator of the Universe.

The LORD God Almighty.

For more WFW, visit Christy at Critty Joy.



Grace and Peace

"Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ."
Ephesians 1:2, NKJV

The Greek word for grace is charis, meaning unmerited favor. It is an undeserved acceptance and love received from another (Holman Bible Dictionary).

Paul very often pairs the concept of grace and peace together in his writings. Why? Because as a former persecutor of the church and an opposer of all things Godly- as one who considered himself to be the chiefest of sinners and as one whose heart, mind, and soul raged within him keeping him from any kind of peaceful life- Paul understood full well that once a person received and accepted God's grace, he/she would also be filled with God's peace, a peace that passes all understanding.

Peace comes from the Greek word eirene which means exemption from the rage and havoc of war; peace between individuals; security, safety, prosperity (Thayer Dictionary).

Again, Paul understood fully that this grace, this undeserved favor, this undeserved love and acceptance which had been lavished upon him, leading to a life that dispelled the raging war within his being came only from God through His Son, Jesus Christ. Nothing Paul had ever done, nothing he could ever do would make him deserving of God's favor. God had been gracious to Paul by calling him to Himself and granting him salvation.

Paul's embracing of God's grace opened the doors to a life of peace with the Almighty God. Read what he says in Titus 2.

"For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men, instructing
us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly, righteously and
godly in the present age, looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the
glory of our great God and Savior, Christ Jesus, who gave Himself for us to
redeem us from every lawless deed, and to purify for Himself a people for His
own possession, zealous for good deeds."
Titus 2:11-14, NASB

Do you see the grace and peace in these verses that Paul speaks of? "For the grace of God has appeared," here is God's grace, Jesus Christ in the flesh, appearing to all men in order to bring them salvation. "Who gave Himself for us to redeem us," and here is God's peace, brought about through the redemptive work on the cross. Christ's death on the cross redeemed us or released us from the debt we owed because of our sin. His blood paid our ransom and restored us to peaceful fellowship with God.

Grace and peace. You can't have one without the other.

Grace and peace. Grace given by God. Peace made possible through the shed blood of Christ on the cross.

Grace and peace. Both undeserved by fallen mankind; but both abundantly lavished upon fallen mankind because God desired relationship with the people He created.

Grace and peace. Acceptance by God. Secure in His hands.

Grace and peace. Beautiful. Abundant. Undeserved. Freeing.

Precious one, grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Rest in His grace and peace this day.



Today Lord, I Rejoice!

May my meditation be pleasing to him, for I rejoice in the LORD.
As an apple tree among the trees of the forest, so is my beloved among the young men. With great delight I sat in his shadow, and his fruit was sweet to my taste. - For who in the skies can be compared to the LORD? Who among the heavenly beings is like the LORD?
My beloved is radiant and ruddy, distinguished among ten thousand. - "
One pearl of great value." - The ruler of kings on earth.
His head is the finest gold; his locks are wavy, black as a raven. - Head over all things. -
He is the head of the body, the church.
His cheeks are like beds of spices, mounds of sweet-smelling herbs. -
He could not be hidden. - His lips are lilies, dripping liquid myrrh. -
"No one ever spoke like this man!" - His appearance is like Lebanon, choice as the cedars.
Make your face shine on your servant. -
"Lift up the light of your face upon us, O LORD!"

(Ps. 104:34; Song. 2:3; Ps. 89:6; Song, 5:10; Matt. 13:46; Rev. 1:5; Song. 5:11; Eph. 1:22; Col. 1:18; Song. 5:13; Mark 7:24; Song. 5:13; John 7:46; Song 5:15; Ps. 31:16; Ps. 4:6-
all Scripture from the English Standard Version- Daily Light, September 22)

Today Lord, I rejoice in You! I rejoice in the glorious richness of Your Most Holy Name! I rejoice in the abundant grace You have so freely bestowed upon my sin sick heart. I rejoice and am humbled that You have chosen me to be Your daughter and spend my life serving You.

May Your grace not be in vain. May all my meditations be pleasing and delightful to Your ears. May I be a reflection of the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

Father, there is NONE who compares to You. YOU are Lord over all. YOU are the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Ruler of the universe, Creator of all. The radiance of Your glory can penetrate through the very darkest of hearts.

YOU are strength;
YOU are might;
YOU are beauty;
YOU are light.

YOU are righteous;
YOU are holy;
YOU are just; and,
YOU are the Giver of abundant life.

May Your face shine upon me this day. May my thoughts be Your thoughts and may my hands love as Your hands love. May my heart be filled with compassion and mercy. May my words be spoken with kindness and may they be pleasing to You. May my life today, precious Lord, be a sweet offering to You.

In Jesus Name, Amen and Amen.



By His Grace Family

Hello dear friends! I am so glad you are here. I am a thirty something year old wife and momma who is seeking to serve the Lord in all that I do. My husband and I have been married for 10 years and have been blessed with three beautiful children.

Although I was saved at the age of seven and felt God’s call into full-time service for Him around age thirteen, I spent many years “wandering aimlessly through the wilderness”. After my many years of roaming, God got a hold of my heart and the two of us have been inseparable since.

The Holy Spirit has placed within my heart a burning passion to study and teach His Word. My desire is to share God’s unconditional love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness with ladies of all ages. God has opened the doors for me to share my story through teaching and writing Bible studies and devotionals for women to use as tools to help them grow in their relationships with the Lord.

God continues to daily stretch me and mold me into the woman He created me to be before the foundation of the world. I'm so excited to be able to share with you what He has done for me. I pray it will be a blessing to you and help you in your walk with the Lord. Much love!

I'd love for you to meet my family...

My Man

Chris and I have been married for 10 years. I'll be totally honest with you and tell you that these last nine years have been hard; very hard. We have been through our share of trials and at one point divorce was on the horizon. But, praise the Lord, our God had other plans. Some of my favorite times together are sitting across the kitchen table from one another while studying God's Word together. Chris is a Procurement Manager for a hotel management and development company. He is also pursuing a degree in Bible Studies and we hope to one day be involved in church planting.

The Princess Momma

ThePrincess Momma is our first born. She is a very imaginative child who loves to read and draw. She is forever creating a masterpiece to share with someone. I think she is one of the most tender-hearted compassionate children I have ever met. She has a servant's heart that I know God is going to use in mighty ways. Princess Momma says that when she grows up she wants to be a farmer that paints at night.

The Mighty Warrior

My Mighty Warrior is 6. He is our resident comedian and stunt man. This child keeps me on my knees. I never know what's coming next with him; he has no fear. One minute he's hanging by one arm from the tops of trees and the next minute he's jumping ditches on his bike. Mighty Warrior is our mighty warrior. His heart is full of compassion and he never meets a stranger. I can't wait to see how the Lord is going to use this child. When Mighty Warrior grows up he wants to be a train driver.

The Wee Princess

Wee Princess is the baby of the family. She was our unexpected blessing. I can't imagine what life would be like without her. She has brought much joy and laughter into our home. She is very inquisitive, enjoys plundering through the kitchen cabinets, and tries her best to keep up with her older sister and brother. Wee Princess is very much a people person. I believe God has BIG plans for this little angel.

Daily I am amazed at all the Lord has done in our family. He has brought us far and we can't wait to see where He will take us next.



Argh! Happy Birthday! Argh!

Happy Birthday baby boy! I guess you aren't much of a tiny baby anymore. *Sigh* I may not be changing your diapers, or rocking you to sleep at night, or burping you after you eat, but know this, my mighty warrior, you will always be my baby boy!!!

Mighty Warrior, you are the apple of my eye and a joy to my heart. You have taught me much about patience and prayer in these past 7 years. You are full of energy; it makes me tired just watching you fly around the house. You fear nothing, which makes my heart skip a beat everytime I see you hanging from the tops of trees. You are compassionate and strong. You are tough and you are a warrior in every sense of the word.

I pray for you daily, that you will fall head over heels in love with Jesus and serve him with all the energy that fills up that little body of yours. I love you my baby boy!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!

A few pictures from your 7th birthday. You wanted a pirate party, and a pirate party you got.

A new bike. Please take care of this one! This is the third bike you've had in 2 years. :o)

Bella enjoyed your party, too.

Happy, happy birthday to you!!!!



In His Word Bible Study

I first felt God's tug on my heart to serve Him in full time ministry when I was in jr. high school. Not really knowing or understanding what that would look like, I went about my days doing what most 12, 13, and 14 year old girls do- worry about their hair, talk on the phone, and pass notes during Science class.

The Lord continued to pull at my heart strings and confirmed this "calling" of service to Him through a message my dad preached one spring morning in a little country church. My thoughts on this "calling" thing were that I would end up in Africa as a missionary serving the Masai people group. God had other ideas and Africa has not ended up being the people group I would serve for my lifetime.

Having been a woman who spent many of her teen years searching for her identity in bad relationship after bad relationship and doing whatever was needed to please those around her; and having been a woman who married a man because of lust and not love; and having been a women who carried into said marriage much baggage, both emotional and physical; and having been a woman who wanted to be the greatest mom in the world but who just couldn't seem to connect with her kids; and having been a woman who wanted so badly to please God in all she did but seemed to fail every time she turned around; and having been a woman who desired to know God's Word inside and out, but couldn't get that Word from her head to her heart; having been that woman and so, so much more, I knew my calling was not to the Masai people in Africa, but rather to the women around me.

God has given me more opportunities than I could have ever imagined to serve Him and various women's groups through one-on-one mentoring, women's conferences and retreats, group Bible studies, and different writing venues. I have cherished each and everyone of these moments of service, but deep in my heart, I longed for more. It wasn't a selfish longing, but a longing, a passion, a vision God had planted deep within my soul for something greater than myself. The time has come for that vision to be carried out.

I have come to realize that there is so much more to Bible Study than just Bible study. Jesus didn't leave His throne in heaven just to gather around a table and do book study after book study. Yes, He taught the Word and He taught it with much authority, but He also went to where the people were. Jesus went to the sick; He went to the lost; He went to the hurting and the oppressed and the weak. He went to the lame and the blind and the leper. Fear of disease didn't stop Him. Fear of offending others didn't stop Him. Racial lines, political lines, social lines didn't keep Him from doing the work He was called to do. Jesus was called to redeem a sinful people and in order to do that, He had to go where they were.

When Jesus commissioned His disciples, He didn't commission them for the sole purpose of gathering individuals in the church to go through the top ten book studies on the market. Jesus commissioned them to GO into all the world, to MAKE disciples of all nations

For over a year now my heart's desire has been to not only be used by God to aid in the equipping of believers who will impact the world for Him, but also provide them specific opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus. In the past I have tried make this thing work, but up until now the doors have only been slammed shut in my face by God.

But now, in this very moment in time, God, in His infinite wisdom, knowing this was the exact time for His vision to be fleshed out, has opened the doors and In His Word Bible Study has been born.

In His Word Bible Study shares in the mission of By His Grace Ministry which is to:
~reach the lost,

~equip the believer, and

~unite Christians to impact individuals, families, churches, and communities for the rebuilding of lives from the inside out all for the glory of the Lord God Almighty.

How do we plan on doing this? Glad you asked. We meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month as a group to study the Word. The Lord has blessed us with 26 women who are hungry to know Him more. Currently we are studying through Kay Arthur's book, Lord I need Grace to Make it Today. On our service project calendar right now there are several community projects we'll be a part of- helping our local crisis pregnancy center with their annual fundraising banquet, wrapping gifts for the Duke Ronald McDonald house, and Operation Christmas child just to name a few.

Excitement just doesn't seem to be a big enough word to portray how I'm feeling right about now. I am truly humbled, beyond blessed, absolutely amazed, completely dumbfounded, and totally siked to be used by the Lord in this way. I am trusting in my God who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that I can ask or think, according to the power that works within me, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ to all generations forever and ever. Amen and Amen! (Ephesians 3:20-21, NASB)

If you happen to be in the local area and would like to join us, "Come on, sister! We'd LOVE to have you!!!"

If you'd like to keep up with what In His Word Bible Study is doing, you can join our Facebook group or just simply keep your eyes on By His Grace Ministry for updates and special event listings.

If you feel God tugging at your heart strings, calling you to do something bigger than yourself and you'd like to "talk it through" with someone or if you'd like to hear how we developed our team and got started with In His Word Bible Study, you can contact me HERE. I'd love to chat with you, pray with you, and help you out in anyway that I can.

Be blessed today dear sister. And, do that thang God has called you to!!!!




Bucket of worms- $3.00

Fishing license- $15.00

Fishing pole- $25.00

A day fishing with dad...PRICELESS!

Sketch pad- $12.99

Paint and paintbrushes- $18.00

Wooden easel- $20.00

A day painting with dad...PRICELESS!

Thanks honey, for being such a GREAT dad!! I love you!!!



Mama said There'll be Days Like This


Mama said there'll be days like this,

There'll be days like this my Mama said.

Oh, boy was she right!!! *sigh*



I Love Me Some Words!

I LOVE words! I love nouns and pronouns, verbs and adverbs, prepositional phrases and the like; oh, I am especially fond of adjectives. Adjectives add to any text such a rich description of the subject at hand. Makes my heart beat a little faster just thinking about...words! Sweet mercy...I love me some words!!!

I recently started reading through the book of Ephesians in my morning times with the Lord and the beautiful words penned by the apostle Paul to the church of Ephesus are enough to make my heart not only beat a little faster, but near 'bout leap out of my chest. Listen to a few of the words one will read on the pages of this great book...

"by the will of God..."
"Grace to you..."
"peace from God..."
"in Christ..."
"He chose us..."
"hope of His calling..."
"riches of the glory of His inheritance..."
"the fullness of Him who fills all in all..."

Be still my heart! Beautiful! How absolutely beautiful are these words!?! And, these phrases are just a few from chapter 1. Geesh! I can only imagine what other magnificent words will be unearthed as I continue on through the entire book? Glory!!!

As I began reading through chapter 1 of Ephesians, I couldn't get past the first half of the very first verse.

"Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God,"
Ephesians 1:1a, NASB

Oh, the hope contained within these few words that fills my sin-sickened heart! Now, think through this thing with me; I want you to grab a hold of that hope too.

Paul. Who was Paul? He was once the man named Saul.

As Saul, he was...
a killer of God's chosen people.

a hater of all believers.

a destroyer of the church.

an opposer of the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yes, he WAS all those things. But, now!?! Now, he is Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God.

Now, he is...
a lover of Christ and all things in Him.

a preacher to the lost.

a messenger of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

a defender of the Faith.

a builder of the Church.

Paul, whose life was once burdened with sin, is now covered by the magnificent, abundant grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and is chosen to be an apostle, a messenger, one who would lay the foundation of the church. Why? Because, it was God's will, God's choice, God's providential sovereignty to save this offender of the Gospel and make him into one of the greatest apologists of the faith that has ever lived.

Do you see the hope here? God knew WHAT Saul was; God knew WHO he was. Yet, He saw past all the junk and saw the heart of the man Paul and knew exactly what He could make Saul into. It was God's will that the grace and salvation freely given through the mighty work of Christ on the cross be granted to the man Saul. God had a plan. And, His plan was for Paul to be an apostle, a messenger of His saving grace.

Those few words fill my heart with much hope. Paul called himself the chiefest of sinners (1 Timothy 1:15), yet he recognized that he was a sinner who was saved by the grace of God. I would have to rank myself right up there with Paul when it comes to being the chiefest of sinners. However reading his story, knowing what he was and seeing what God made him, fills my heart with hope.

If God can use parasites to make pearls and if God can use a sinner such as Paul to be one of the founding leaders of His church, then God can use me and equip me to fulfill the calling He has placed on my life because that's His sovereign will. And, He can use you too!!

That, my friends, is a good word and I LOVE it!



Exemplify Online- October '09 Issue

Exemplify Online October issue is hot off the presses. Grab yourself a good cup o' joe, pull up a chair, and enjoy!

Be sure to check out this month's Marriage Column, "Falling in Love Again" on page 29.