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God...who are You & what can You do for me? Session 2

By His Grace Ministry and At the Well...In Pursuit of Titus 2 are partnering together to offer you an online Bible Study.
I invite you to join us as we open up the pages of Scripture
and unearth new Truths about who God is.

Over At the Well you'll find the
"God...who are You & what can You do for me?
Getting to know the Almighty God"
session 2 download,
a video covering material for your second week's homework,
and a few other instructions for Bible study this week.

I do hope you will join us as we dig into God's Word and discover who He is
and what He can do for us.


2 Lovely Thoughts Shared:

Peggy said...

Blessings Jenifer! Excellent study!
Loved all you prepared and shared so well. So I came here looking for your answers to the questions (lol). I had mine up before I viewed the real I just added a little. But had to add a special song to the already great song I had from CC. Sorry but Mondays I just have too much music going through my head from worship over the weekend! Just can't stop!
Thanks for a wonderful job again and the time it must take to prepare all this! It is such a blessing as you are! EnJOY a blessed week!

Love & hugs,

Blessed Among Women said...

I'm really blew away at how much each of us share in common! This study is right on time for me! I love it and very thankful to you for being obedient to the Lord.

God has always been good to me,but it took awhile for me to really see it. Thank you for your comment and prayers.