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Hello, my sweet friends

Hello sweet friends from the land of mile high stacked books, fill in the blank sheets, how to pray for your... sheets, Bible reading plans, and lots and lots of coffee. The Lord has blessed me with an opportunity to speak at a women's conference this weekend and I have been busy wrapping up loose ends for that all week. I have lots to share with you though and can't wait to sit down and let my fingers do the talking. But, for now this shout out to all of you will have to do. I love you all and covet your prayers for me over the next few days.

Join me tomorrow for "Psalm Friday". Rock on!

4 Lovely Thoughts Shared:

Sandra Wood Peoples said...

I will be praying for the ladies at the retreat and for you personally! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Dotwigg said...

I look forward to your boost of enthusiasm, I love it when your posts are glimpses into your life and service to the Lord. Thank you for sharing your heart and time with us.

I pray that like the lamp, your coffee pot stays full. (Give me caffeine in my Cup, keep it up, up, up).

Cheri said...

what a great opportunity to speak to a bunch of glad to see you are obeying God and his plans for you! Keep up the good work, my dear friend!

Peggy said...

Always best to be over prepared! ((LOL)) May the Lord bless you and may His Words flow through you to convey exactly what the women at the conference need to hear for each one at this point in their journey! So relax and Let Him! You have it all...right there within you, so the prayer covering goes out before your steps and your words...may they fall on attentive ears with God's power, might and grace! It'll be awesome! Go Jenifer! Keep on in God's Plan and Purpose for you! Blessings, Peggy