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Choosing to Walk

I do believe the Lord is trying to tell me something. This verse and verses like it seem to literally be appearing before my eyes; or, I hear them being whispered in my ear from that “still small voice"...“Walk before Me and be blameless.”

Because I continue to come across this verse - not by mistake mind you, but because the Lord is trying to teach me something - I had to dig into it a little more and see for myself exactly what it means.

I pulled out my handy dandy Strong’s Concordance to look up the original Hebrew definitions of the words “walk” and “blameless”. Here’s what I found:

Walk comes from the Hebrew word halak meaning to behave oneself, a continual action, to enter, to exercise (self), to grow, to move, to run.

The word blameless is the Hebrew word tamiym which means without blemish, truth, complete, full.

God has been speaking this lesson to me, but I believe it is also for all of us who have been called according to His purpose. You and I are to be conducting ourselves in a manner that is based on, and reflects, the Truth of God’s Word and His righteous character. We are to be continually exercising ourselves toward godliness until our journey through this life is complete.

But how? How do you and I daily exercise ourselves so that we are filled up to overflowing by the Almighty God? For me, it begins by getting into His Word at the beginning of every day. I know that when my feet hit the floor every morning, God has a fresh new Word awaiting me in the pages of Scriptures. The Word is already there, and just as the definition of walk tells us, I have to enter into that time with Him eagerly anticipating what it is that He is going to speak over me that day.

Another way for us to exercise ourselves toward godliness is through prayer. My prayer time is so utterly important to me. This is my time to sit before the Lord, pour out my heart to Him and then listen for Him to speak back to me. Yes, God speaks to us through His Word, but praise Him, He has also chosen to speak to us personally through conversation. When we talk to the Lord, He listens and answers.

I find it very interesting that the word walk is verb, an action word, something that has to be done; it’s not something that has to be done by God, but something that must be done by me in order for my walk to be blameless before Him. Walking before the Lord, entering into His presence on a continual basis, sitting before Him allowing Him to fill me up is my choice.

I can choose to obey Him and walk before Him daily which will lead to a life that reflects the Truth of who He is or I can choose not to. Today I choose to walk. What about you? Do you choose today to walk worthy of the calling God has placed on your life?

"I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of
the calling to which you have been called."
Ephesians 4:1, ESV


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Heather said...

Love it! :) Thank you Jenifer for sharing your heart!