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Precious Treasures

"He who heeds the Word wisely will find good,
and whoever
trusts in the LORD, happy is he."
Proverbs 16:20

The condition of my heart affects what I say, do, and see. When my heart is heeding and giving attention to the wisdom of God found in His Word- that's what will come out of me- His wisdom. I'll teach His wisdom to my children and those around me; I'll make wise choices and behave wisely. Why? Because I've heeded to the instructions of His Word. Heeding oneself to the Word of God leds to one being joyful in the Lord no matter what may be going on in the circumstances around.

Joy in the Lord is not based on whether or not everything is fine and dandy in our lives. Joy is, rather, a happiness based on unchanging divine promises and eternal spiritual realities. True joy, for the believer, is knowing and resting in the fact (and it is a FACT!), sweet sister, that everything between her and her Lord is right (1 Peter 1:6-9).

Our joy in Christ is not temporal or based on our past, present, or future circumstances, but is founded on an unchanging, all-powerful God. "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." (Hebrews 13:8)

In John 17 verses 13 and 14, Jesus says,"But now I (Jesus) come to You (God), and these things I speak in the world, that they may have My joy fulfilled in them. I (Jesus) have given them (you and me) Your word (God's Word)." He goes on to say in verse 17 of that same chapter, "Sanctify (set them apart) them by Your truth. Your Word is truth."When you and I heed to the instructions found in the Word of God we will be sanctified and our joy will be made full because it is based on an unchanging God, not on the ever-changing world around us.

Examine your heart right now. Are you paying careful attention to God's Word, gaining new insights and wisdom each day? Is your heart full of joy because it is focused on an unchanging God? Are you allowing God to sanctify you each day, setting you apart to serve Him? If you answered no to any of these questions, ask the Lord to do a mighty work in your heart right now; sanctifying you with His word, setting you apart for His service, filling you with His joy, and focusing your mind solely on Him.

Father, how I thank You that I can rejoice in Your Word because it is full of treasures just for me (Ps. 119:162). Your Word, O Lord, is more precious to me than gold and silver and I delight in it (Ps. 119:72). Open my eyes to new truths in Your Word and hide them in my heart so that I can fight against the enemy (Ps. 119:18 & 11). I love Your Word, Father, it is a joy to me (Ps. 119: 97).


3 Lovely Thoughts Shared:

Debbie said...

Such a timely reminder for me Jenifer. In the midst of change and uncertainty, I'm so thankful that I can still have joy. My circumstances may be difficult but God is in control.


Joyful said...

Hi Jenifer,
This goes right along with a book I just reviewed. `Dancing with My Father` by Sally Clarkson.
Thanks for sharing.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Amen! May we focus on His word and keep His word in our hearts day and night. Then we will know true joy that is not dependent on circumstances. Thank you for this great reminder. Take care my friend!