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Safe in his Savior's Hands

God has answered the prayers of His people- Baby Gabe is no longer suffering or hurting. Tonight he is safely in the hands of the Great Physician, Jehovah-Rapha. Although Gabe's life was brief, God has used him in awesome ways. Please be in prayer for Garrett and Traci, Gabe's mommy and daddy, as they grieve the loss of this precious baby. Thank you all SO MUCH for praying with me over the last few weeks for my sweet friends. I ask that you continue to lift them to the throne of grace. Here is a message from their pastor on behalf of Garrett and Traci.

By the thousands, people have prayed for Gabe. The saints of God have interceded for his little life and prayed for him when he could not pray for himself. We have sensed the mercies of God and the presence of God's Spirit in these difficult days.

God's ways are mysterious and we can not explain all that He does. We live in a fallen world but our hope is in our Lord who promised us victory over death, hell and the grave. As Charles Spurgeon said, "When you cant trace God's hand, trust His heart." We know that Gabe is in the hands of our loving Heavenly Father who has welcomed our son into his eternal home.

We gave Gabe to God before he was ever born. Every day of his life belonged to our loving Lord. His life has been a witness to many in the hospital, and around the country.

God has seen us through these days. He sustained Gabe when many gave up hope. We believe God has and had a purpose for his short life. His precious life marked us as a family, as friends and as a church.

One little life reminded us that most of what we worry and fret about does not matter. What matters is to love God and love others. At Thanksgiving, we celebrated his birth. As we look to Christmas, we celebrate the birth of our Lord who gives us hope that we will see Gabe again in heaven. We can't wait to see our little boy running down the streets of gold. That is God's promise and that is our hope. This is not goodbye -- this is, Gabe, son, we'll see you again.

We will celebrate the life of our son Gabe on Monday, December 22nd at 1pm in the chapel at Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia.

The service will be in the chapel and overflow will be in the Worship Center. The graveside service is immediate family only.

Pastor Michael Catt on behalf of Garrett and Traci

5 Lovely Thoughts Shared:

Anonymous said...

tears fill my eyes as I write this...God is surely an awesome and loving God to open His arms for the littlest of helpless tiny infants. I pray that God is extra close to Gabe's parents. The loss of a little one...especially one you have physically touch is heart-rendering.
But I sincerely believe Gabe is playing at the Master's feet and interacting with other little boys and girls who have preceeded their parents to heaven.
Oh the day we can join them...!

Beth in NC said...

Oh my. God bless these precious parents. I am so sorry. I pray they will feel God carrying them in His Hands.

Thank you for keeping us posted.


Anonymous said...

I have been praying, and will continue to pray for the family now. I pray that God will give them strength, especially now during the Holidays, and peace in the months to come. I, too, have lost a child (stillbirth), and so my heart is saddened for this family. Thank you for the updates. I stayed silent, but I was listening.

Named Alicia said...

Thank you for posting this my friend. I saw it when you first posted and did not get a chance to comment. Little Gabe's life was not in vain. May the Lord continue to comfort Garrett and Traci as they deal with and process their grief.

Take care my friend!
And if I don't get a chance to visit again, I hope you and your family a Merry Christmas!

Michele Williams said...

My heart goes out to the family. I will pray as they deal with their loss and grief. Thank you for keeping us posted my friend. Blessings...