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Update on Baby Gabe

Update for this evening:

Gabe had another good day. They increased his oxygen intake, for surgery, up to 90% and dropped it down to 70% tonight and hope to continue to drop it even more this evening. They have also started to decrease his blood pressure medicine. Gabe is responding very well. Doctors are very pleased with him and the results thus far. Garrett & Traci still have a tough rode ahead, but we are hoping the now that the heart is functioning properly everything else will begin to heal as well.

Today I reflected over the events from the week and still sit in amazement at God's work. I tried to wrap my mind around what Traci must be going through (one mom to another) and couldn't. However, I did realize some of the things I took for granted with my son, has been a moment of rejoicing for Traci. Such as, on Monday, as the nurses were getting Gabe ready to be transported to Augusta, one of the nurses asked Traci if she had kissed Gabe. Traci politely said no and the nurse proceeded to uncover one of Gabe's little feet and told Traci to kiss the bottom of his foot.

Traci was very apprehensive and said no, but the nurse reassured her that it was okay. So Traci kissed Gabe's, sweet, tiny foot. What a blessing and powerful moment for Traci as a mother. Traci had not had the opportunity to kiss her son since he was born and I can not imagine that strong desire to love and kiss on my child and not be able to. I remember kissing my son for the first time and how great that was, but I don't remember the first time I kissed his foot, but for Traci, simply kissing the bottom of his foot was a huge milestone and probably an overwhelming amount of emotion.

The same nurse gave Traci a blanket Gabe had been wrapped in, so Traci could hold it during the ride and wrapped Gabe in another blanket that was filled with the smell and warmth of his mommy. The nurse was definitely one of God's angels brought to Traci at that moment to love and comfort a mother and son during an emotional and unsure moment.

Please continue to lift all of them up. Pray for Garrett and Traci to keep their strength up. Pray for Gabe's intestines to heal as they need to and pray for him to get stronger each day.
Aunt Melissa


Update from this morning:

Gabe had a good night...his heart rate and blood pressure is up just a little. Garrett & Traci have not seen the doctor this morning...they slept in this morning, due to complete exhaustion.
Mimi and Pops (Garrett's parents) are coming home today, but Grandad (Traci's dad) is staying there with them. He got in late last night.

Traci is doing better...she finally felt like eating last night and Mimi made her some potatoe soup and a sandwich.

Austin & I had a chance to speak with Garrett last night and he sounded great. He is so relieved the surgery went well. Most importantly he (and family) could not get over the outopouring of love the churches in Augusta have shown them. All of that would not have been possible without each of shared the story with everyone you know and through that God continues to open doors for them as they settle to make a home away from home for their little family.

THANK YOU! Our family has been so blessed by each of you...the love you share, the prayers and words of encouragement have left all of us in tears and in awe of your faith in God. You never lost hope and made sure Garrett & Traci didn't either.

I will never be able to find the words to express my gratitude to each of you. THANK YOU!!
Aunt Melissa
P.S. Uncle Austin has given Gabe his first nickname, appropriate.


Update from yesterday afternoon:

PRAISE THE is over and Gabe did AWESOME. The doctors repaired the valve and drained the fluid off the heart. Traditionally the numbers go down, but Gabe's went up. They have left in his chest tube, just as a precaution.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and continued support. Garrett and Traci are so grateful for each of you. Please continue to pray for Gabe to get stronger and for his little body to heal. Aunt Melissa

WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE! Once again God has preformed a miracle right before our very eyes.


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