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Update on Baby Gabe

From Gabe's mommy, Traci.

Good afternoon ya'll. Praising the Lord for a wonderful night for Gabe.

A quick update...a sweet lady at the hospital is letting me borrow her computer so I am going to try and make this quick but thorough enough so that you all can be praying specifically. I have always heard that specific prayers get specific answers.

Mommy read Gabe his first book this morning. It is a story about a lamb named Joshua that was different but God had a special plan for his life. It was a Christmas story. I think he enjoyed the book. The NICU has a bookshelf that the March of Dimes provides for families.

Last night we were introduced to a sweet family who lives not to far from here and we were able to get a few hours of sleep at their home since it is so close by the hospital. What a blessing they are.

Gabe's incision site looks good today from his surgery yesterday. The stoma seems to be functioning well and the left one is even producing some stool. Please pray for this area not to become infected as it's pretty common for it to do.

This morining they took him off the norcuron (chemical paralization) to see if they can get rid of some of the adema.

His blood pressures are in the 30s this morning. Please keep praying for them to stay in the 30s and 40s. Hhis heart rate is a little higher than we'd like, please pray for it to settle down. Please pray for him to be able to urinate (this is a biggie). Pray for increase in his oxygen sat levels. He's been in the 80-85 range and we'd like to see it higher, like in the 90s. (This is the number that dropped so low yesterday to like 49). It was a true miracle to see those numbers increase yesterday. Praise the Lord his blood gases are looking well; please pray this continues. His lung xray even looked better today. Keep praying that he continues to recover from his surgery and gets bigger and stronger. Pray that God will continue to place that spirit of fight in our little Gabe that makes him oh so tough. He's been through so much but we know that God's holding him right in the palm of his hand.

Thanks so much for praying for Gabe. My appt is later today for my CT scan we did some bloodwork this morning. The doctor's office here is amazing. They have been so good to accomodate me and welcome me. I am so grateful for the Lord placing us right where I need to be to.

2 Lovely Thoughts Shared:

Named Alicia said...

I will continue to pray for them. Thanks for the updates. I haven't been able to read other blogs lately, so I have been missing these updates.

Are they at the MCG in Augusta? I grew up not far from there. All of my family still lives there. What a small world!

Take care my friend!
I pray you are enjoying the holiday season. I did get your email that you received the box I sent. I am glad you enjoyed it!

Darlene said...

Thanks for the update! Still praying....