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Happy Father's Day

To my precious hubby,

Happy Father's Day, baby! I remember when our first child was born. Tears flowed from your eyes like water from a fountain. You stood beside her bed in the nursery afraid to touch her yet watching ever so closely as the nurses cleaned her up. It didn't take long before you were changing diapers, rocking her to sleep, and getting up for those midnight feedings.

I've watched you over the years and with the birth of each of our children I've seen your heart grow bigger and bigger. Your love for our children is evident in your selfless acts of service and the purposeful time you spend with each of them- from the dates nights with our oldest, to the trips to the "man stores" with our little man, to the bubble baths for the baby girl- you know what makes them feel special and loved. You go out of your way to make memories with them; memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for showing our children how important it is to love Jesus and serve others. Thank you for working hard to support our family. Thank you for buying Hot Wheels tracks and getting down on the floor to race the cars with our son. Thank you for painting the girls finger nails and toes nails so that they match their outfits. Thank you for teaching our girls how important they are and setting the bar high for how a man should treat them. Thank you for teaching our son to respect his sisters and mother. Thank you for teaching our children that God made them unique and has a special plan for their lives.

You are a wonderful daddy!!! Happy Father's Day!! I love you!!!

Dear Dad,

There's a special bond between little girls and their daddies that grows stronger as the years pass by. Even though I'm married and have children of my own, I still long for those times when it's just the two of us.

As I sit here today thinking about how blessed I am to be your daughter, I can't help but recall some of my most favorite times with you. From sleeping underneath the tree you were perched in while hunting, to having you sit in the back of the church adjusting the microphone for me as I practiced my solos, to training my first horse thanks to Mr. Howard, to locking my arm in yours as you walked me down the isle to marry the man of my dreams, to seeing your face in the delivery room as hubs and I welcomed our second child, to staying up late talking about Bible prophecy and ministry- you have always been there for me, loving me, and encouraging me to be who God has called me to be.

Thank you, Dad, for loving God with your whole heart and for not being ashamed to stand on the Truth. Your committment to God has instilled in me a deep love for the Lord and a passion to teach His Word. Thank you for modeling for me how to truly love and serve people. Thank you for teaching me to see the big picture and to not make quick judgments. Thank you for loving my mom and teaching me what it looks like for a woman to be honored and respected by her mate. Thank you for always pushing me to go beyond what I thought I could do. Thank you for working hard to provide for our family everything we ever needed.

You are an inspiration to me. I love you so much and thank God for allowing me to be your daughter. Happy Father's Day, Dad!!! I love you!!!


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