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Summer Reading Fun- A Marriage Without Regrets

Having experienced the sting of marital dysfunction many years ago and then reaping the beauty of reconciliation between myself and my husband, reading A Marriage Without Regrets by Kay Arthur was a must.

Arthur's book puts into perspective God's intended plan for marriage. Yes, this is an in-your-face, step-on-your-toes kind of book, but it is all based upon the Truths of God's Word. Kay Arthur shares with us real-life experiences which have shaped who she is as an individual and a spouse. Not afraid to disclose her past, Arthur recalls and retells to her readers seasons of her life in which she was not living in a Godly manner. This very aspect of her book allows me to personally relate to her on a down to earth level.

In chapter 3, What's the Glue that Holds a Marriage Together?, Arthur says, "marriage in our fallen world is not easy. It isn't easy even for those who belong to Jesus Christ and serve Him in some prominent way." It seems every time I turn on the television or stand in the check out line at the grocery store, I hear of another couple who are headed for divorce. Because of the ministry God has called me to, I talk with women all the time who are in marriages that are falling apart. I would like to think that within the Christian community, the divorce rate would be much less than that of the "world", but sadly in recent years there doesn't seem to be much of difference. What kind of counsel are we to pass on to those whose marriages are suffering? What IS the glue that holds a marriage together?

Kay Arthur goes on to say in chapter 3, "The One who created marriage in the Garden of Eden, the One who blessed marriage at the wedding feast in Cana, and the One who gave His own body and blood to redeem us from our sins can provide a bonding agent the very forces of hell cannot break. An intimate, daily walk with God is the most crucial element for holding a husband and wife and a family together. It is the most vital relationship in all of life-..." Oh, amen and amen!! One's relationship with God IS the foundational relationship upon which all other relationships are to be built. God IS the glue that can and will hold our marriages together.

Throughout the pages of A Marriage Without Regrets, Arthur clearly lays out the importance of God being the center and foundation of one's marriage. She also addresses the role of man and woman within the marriage covenant as clearly stated in Scripture.

A Marriage Without Regrets also speaks to:
~resolving conflict within marriage
~communicating clearly with one another with compassion
~improving your intimacy
~training up children who follow after God
~becoming wise financially
~respecting and keeping your vows to each other
~responding Biblically if your mate wants to walk away

If you find yourself today in a marriage that has hit a rough spot or you're just looking to improve upon your already healthy marriage or you may be recently engaged to your future spouse; whatever the case may be, I highly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking to build a marriage without regrets.

You can purchase A Marriage Without Regrets along with it's study guide from:

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