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Are you wearing your Daddy's t-shirt?

Last night when my kiddos were getting ready for bed my oldest, Hannah, came bouncing out of her bedroom to the dining room where Chris and I were sitting.

"Uh, dad. Can I sleep in one of your t-shirts tonight?," she asked.

"Sure," he replied, "go look in my drawer and get the one you want."

She quickly ran into our bedroom, opened up Chris' t-shirt drawer, and plundered through it until she found the one she wanted. She then came bouncing, I might add, back into the dining room, proud that she was wearing her daddy's shirt.

Why would a little girl be so excited and proud to be wearing her daddy's t-shirt? Why would she even WANT to wear her daddy's t-shirt in the first place? Does wearing her daddy's t-shirt make Hannah feel safe, comforted, loved? Does his scent relax her into a peaceful rest?

I haven't felt very good today. I met with two friends for Bible Study this morning and then came home, wrapped myself up in one of my nice comfy blankets, and rested on the couch for the rest of the afternoon. As I've laid here (yes, I'm still on the couch) I've thought about Hannah and her daddy's t-shirt more. The Lord has spoken to my heart about this and I would like to share it with you.

God, our Abba, our Daddy, has given us a "t-shirt", of sorts, to wear. The Lord has "clothed us with the with the garments of salvation and arrayed us with the robe of righteousness (Isaiah 61:10)."

He has placed within the heart's of all believers a desire, a longing for more than life as we know it now; it is a desire for a better country, a heavenly one filled with the majesty of His presence (Hebrews 11:16).

Wearing the garment of His salvation brings safety and perfect rest; it doesn't mean that we won't come against times of trials and tribulations, but it does mean that we can walk through those valleys with confidence because He is with us (Psalm 23:4; Psalm 63:7).

Under the shadow of His wings, held tightly by the strong mighty arms of God Almighty (Psalm 136:12) there is comfort, peace, and security (John 10:29).

Scripture tells us that God anointed Christ with the oil of gladness- gladness meaning righteousness- and because we have believed in Jesus Christ, He has anointed us with that same gladness (Hebrews 1:9). I don't know about you, but I would much rather smell the sweetness of the anointing of the righteousness of my heavenly Father when I lay my head down at night than the sweat of my own filthy rags.

I'm thinking now that this not-so-good feeling I've had all day was so that my heavenly Father could remind me what it means to where His t-shirt. Let's you and I hold our heads high and proudly wear our "Jesus shirts".

7 Lovely Thoughts Shared:

Krista said...

Oh my goodness! That was exactly the encouragement I needed today. I posted a Christian devotion on my high school's social network. I felt good about it at the time and then later had to deal with feelings of doubt and insecurity. What if someone that I graduated with (way back when) doesn't appreciate my public disply of Christlikeness.

So then I got worried about what others might think and I started praying that noone would be offended. Then I sign in and read your post and I encouraged to wear his t-shirt, proudly.

Thank you for the great post! God used you in dealing with my insecurity!

Sista Krista

Darlene said...

Great post! My neice like to sleep in my husband and daughter's t-shirts.
Thanks for the encouragement!


Cheri said...

Loved this Jenifer! My kids love to wear their grandpa's t-shirts when they go there. Great connection! I'll never look at a t-shirt the same!! :)

Alene said...

This is beautiful and brings back many memories. I use to sleep in my daddy's t-shirts. That was the best thing ever - so comfortable and cozy! May my "Jesus" shirt be just as cozy! Blessings.

God Chaser said...

Great- Daily my god help me to put onthe garments of Christ. I love wearing His t-shirts. Glad i found your site.

Kelly M. Parkison said...

What a great thought!!! Hope you are well!

Peggy said...

Bless you Jenifer! I kept checking for Psalm Friday. Are they discontinued temporarily? No matter this inspired me almost as much! But I always wear my garment of praise and Jesus t-shirts with much honor, wish I had more!!!

Come on over to my place. I have a
gift that keeps on giving! I would like to honor and bless you with an award!

BY HIS GRACE is so well written and more than deserving of being
recognized with honor! You bless me and encourage many or inspire or move us to action! Your heart for China is such a blessing! I had read the story in the very beginning of my visits here. You, too, have a heart for missions!
This is your mission place and it does minister to your readers!

God bless! Peggy