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Happy Freedom Day!

Grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. Potato salad and homemade ice cream. Ice cold watermelon and a can of Pepsi Cola. Friends and family snuggled together on a big comfy blanket oohing over the beautiful fireworks. None of this would be possible without the sacrifices made by many brave men and women. To our founding fathers, to all those men and women who have so selflessly served our country and fought for our freedom; I stand and applaud you. To my hubby, thank you for being willing to die for this country. To all of you, thank you , thank you, thank you. May God continue to protect you and yours as you serve this land of the free and this home of the brave.

As I've thought about this day of independence, more than just family gatherings and fireworks have come to mind. My mind and heart have been drawn to God's grace and mercy. I've thought about His unconditional love and compassion; His forgiveness and restoration. I've thought about His precious Son, Jesus Christ, who selflessly gave His life for me so that I might have eternal life. How does one say thank you to God? Where does one find the words to adequately tell the Lord that what He did means more than any other gift you've ever been given? The Lord has rescued me from a deep pit of sin, lead me out of many years of wilderness wandering, restored my marriage, blessed me with beautiful children, and allowed me to be a soldier in His army. As long as He continues to give me breath, my lips will shout His praise. As long as I am able, my hands and feet will go and serve wherever He leads.

Because He has set me free and put a new song in my heart, I would like to honor the Lord today by sharing with you my story. It's the story of how my God has lifted me from the pit, broke the chains of bondage, and called me to live my life for Him. Please join me HERE as I share my story.

As you go through this freedom weekend of fun with family and friends, stop to remember that Jesus Christ, the captian of God's army, came to bind up the wounds of those hurting and set the captives free.

"Therefore if the Son makes you free,
you shall be free indeed."
John 8:36

2 Lovely Thoughts Shared:

Darlene said...

I just read your story and I thank-you for sharing with us. I am so glad you are following what God has called you to do. You do have a way with words and you use them from your heart.

Sorry, we didn't get to meet at Deeper Still. Maybe one day our paths will cross. Till then I will meet you through blog land.

Nice to know you live in PC. My daughter was just there in May for Senior trip. I have a neice that lives there with her grandparents.

Have a great weekend!

Krista said...

Another wonderful post, my friend. I can't wait to jet on over to read your story. Maybe oneday, I will share my story.

Free in Christ, Krista