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It WAS NOT My Intention

It was definitely not my intention. My plan was to drive; to stay in the truck and enjoy the cool breeze of the A/C blowing into my face. My skin was already sun burned from the previous day’s swim club adventure, so to be out in it again wasn’t the wisest of choices. I was certainly not dressed for the occasion. Wearing a white tank underneath a cute little jacket, comfy Capri lounge pants, and black flip flops isn’t the usual attire one would choose to wear for an undertaking of this magnitude. BUT, my daddy needed help and when daddy needs help- well, what’s a girl to do? So, I took off my cute little jacket, all my jewelry, and with already crispy skin joined my daddy in the middle of the hay field.

The field was ready to be harvested. The hay have been cut, turned so that it could dry, and made into nice rectangular bales tied off neatly with two twine strings. Rows and rows and rows of hay bales lined the field with just enough room between each row for a vehicle to drive through. “Let’s go to the end of that row over there,” my dad pointed as he surveyed the best place for us to begin, “we’ll pick up where the last people left off.” And so it began; the tedious task of heave-hoeing 50 lbs bales of hay and strategically placing them on the trailer so every bale would fit and stack nicely.

One hundred and thirty something bales of hay were loaded onto the trailer that day. By the time we were done I was disgustingly nasty and smelled of sweat mixed with the scents of stale hay and the tiny bit of what was left of the freesia deodorant I had applied to my underarms MANY hours earlier. Remember my burnt, crispy skin- it was now blistered and it hurt. My white shirt wasn’t so white anymore and was covered and filled with hay. Now, not only were my flip flops black, both of my feet were black from the dust in the field. The day was a success- the task that had been set before us was accomplished.

This day spent helping my daddy happened several weeks ago, but I’ve thought about it many times since then. It was a day full of lessons and I’d like to share one of those lessons with you today.

Our Daddy, has set before each of us a task, a field, if you will, that is ready to be harvested. He has strategically placed within each of our lives “hay bales” that are ready to be picked up and loaded onto the trailer of eternal life. There will be times when we’ll pick up where others have left off, but there will also be those times when we’ll begin our God given task on uncharted land; we’ll be called to start something new and travel down a new path that has yet to be harvested by His workers. Just as the rows of hay bales had exactly enough space for a truck to travel through, God will give us exactly what we need to travel down the paths He has set before us. Yes, the task will be tedious and yes, it will be hard work. It will require that we get our hands dirty, and maybe even our feet a little dusty. But, in the end, when His task has been accomplished and our work on earth is done, it will all have been worth it- even if we do come out a little smelly.

Today, I leave you with the following questions:
Have your surveyed the field God has given you lately?
Who are the “hay bales” God has strategically placed in your life?
When your Daddy calls for your help, are you willing to lay aside your daily comforts and join Him in the heave-hoeing of souls?

“Swing the sickle, for the time of harvest has come;
the crop on earth is ripe.”
Revelation 14:15b, NLT

3 Lovely Thoughts Shared:

Krista said...

That was excellent! I need to evaluate my own "fields" so to speak. I am so glad that God used that real life lesson to teach you and to teach us!

Looking for hay bales,

Peggy said...

Bless you Jenifer and your very thought provoking lesson and questions out of bales of hay and much hard labor! You seem to have such a heart for the harvest! The fields are ripe...and there are many ways to go about fulfilling the task that God equipps us to share in His Commission! Many hay bales are waiting!Much to do!

I came to invite you to my place
on Friday, it's a special day! I would also like your prayers for safe travel to the border and back!
Bless you for the blessing you are to me! I'll check Psalm Friday when I get back!

Darlene said...

Beautiful post and I like the analogy. Working in the fields is tough work. I remember riding on top of the hay to keep it falling I would be able to do this...but, it was fun for a short time.
Thanks for the encouragement!