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A Late Bloomer

We were blessed this summer to witness something that you just don't see every day. It all started back in June when Momma turtle chose to lay her eggs across the street from our house. She was so gracious to let us witness this amazing miracle.

We watched and waited with great anticipation for months for those little babies to hatch and make their way into the world. In September we checked the eggs and could tell they were beginning to hatch. We brought an egg inside, buried it in some dirt in a shoe box and watched it hatch. It was SOOO neat!

A few weekends ago we were doing some yard work and out of curiousity I went across the road to see if the rest of the babies had made their way out. As I dug down into the hole I came across several empty shells. Once I got to the actual nest I found one little baby who was trying his best to dig his way out. We had recently had a lot of rain and evidently it was a little too muddy for him to dig out. I called for my hubby to bring the camera and for the kids to come see. We took some pictures then helped the little guy out of the hole and away he went as fast as he could.

So long little fella. Have a nice life!

"Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.

Praise the LORD."

Psalm 150:6, NIV

1 Lovely Thoughts Shared:

Darlene said...

This is neat that you witnessed this and could capture it on camera!
Have a great weekend!