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Connecting the Dots of Our Lives

Yesterday, I began sharing a few tidbits from our family's most recent adventure- Our 1st Ever Family Cultural Awareness Day. I promised to come back today and share with you more of our adventure.

If you'll remember, hubby had given us all an assignment before we entered the museum. The assignment was to report back to everyone our most favorite piece of art and give an explanation as to why we chose that particular piece as a favorite.

As we walked around the museum, there were many sculptures, paintings, and artifacts that caught my attention. But, it wasn't until we walked into a little side room that I became captivated by what hung on the wall.

Two large pieces of art hung side-by-side. At first glance, one's eyes might be inclined to quickly skim right over these paintings. One painting was of a young girl sitting by a fireplace; the other of a young woman on a ship. Nothing too earth shattering, right? There were no abstract images or bright, vivid colors to draw me in. Just two paintings, by two different artists, of two different women hung before me.

What caught my attention were the words of John Baldessari which hung to the left of the paintings.

I read those words and then once again stood before the two paintings of the two different women which were painted by two different artists and my mind became racing with thoughts of what might have been their life story.

Could this young girl have just swept her living room floor for the last time as her family packed their belongings preparing to go to a new land?

Or could she have been left all alone in her home because the violence of war had taken from her her precious father and mother?

Could this young woman have been a lonesome passenger on an old rickety ship sailing across the ocean to a land she did not know?

Or could she have been taken captive by pirates and been unable to escape the oppression of her captors?

Could the connection between these two paintings which were painted by two different artists of two different women be two hearts utterly shattered by the woes of the world in which they lived?

I found myself chasing story line after story line as I my eyes jumped from left to right and then right to left. Some many words, some many stories, so many connections could be made now that I had stopped; now that I had looked beyond the surface of what hung before me.

We each have been given a story. All of our stories contain different plots, different settings, different characters, and different outcomes. But, if we peer beyond the surface- beyond the cute clothes, the fancy jewelry, the make-up, and the stylish hair- there are connections that bind us together.

The paintings of our lives, although different, were all painted by the same Artist.

The paintings of our lives, although different, display very detailed strokes of an Artist who had a very specific design in mind when He picked up His brush to create the masterpiece.

The paintings of our lives, although different, can be connected if we look beyond the surface and read the story found between the lines.

Connections can only be made when we are willing to stop; when we are willing to look beyond what is easily seen; and when we are willing to take the time to connect the dots of our lives.

"You are members of God's very own family,
citizens of God's country, and you belong
in God's household with every other Christian."
Ephesians 2:19b, LB
"I mean that I want us to help
each other with the faith we
have. Your faith will help me,
and my faith will help you."
Romans 1:12, NCV

Spend some time today connecting your life with the lives of those around you.


1 Lovely Thoughts Shared:

Kristen said...

ahh this is beautiful! I only read the first sentence about as soon as you put two things together that I began trying to figure it all out but then I decided to read more & I saw that they were two different artists which got me wondering even more. I think this is amazing how they decided to put these two together with the quote & your take on it with words as well.