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What do YOU think?

What an exciting day for By His Grace Ministry! I'm going to share with you why I'm so excited, but first I want to ask you a few questions?

Have you ever heard of Heart of the Matter Online?

What about Christian Women Online's (CWO) Internet Cafe?

Been involved in A Woman Inspired Online Conference?

Spent any time reading At the Well, Exemplify Online, or Blissfully Blended?

Do you know what all these ministry sites have in common? If you guessed Amy Bayliss, then you are exactly right. God has placed in Amy's heart, a passion for women and online ministry. And, let me tell you, she IS living out her calling. Not only is Amy involved in all of the above online ministries, some of which she is co-owner and co-founder, but she also has a personal ministry site, is a wife, a momma of three, a speaker, a writer, and oh my word, I do believe I could go on and on! :) But, most importantly she is a woman who loves Jesus and is seeking to honor Him in all she does.

My first encounter with Amy was about two years ago. I had just begun blogging and had ABSOLUTELY no idea what I was doing. Through God's providence, He lead me to Amy and she designed my first blog site. Over the past two years, she has helped me, not only with blogging, but she's also answered homeschool questions and given me lots of encouragement in my personal walk with the Lord. She has been an inspiration to me and given much godly counsel. I consider Amy a friend, even though we have never met face-to-face; that 's the beauty of online ministry.

A few weeks ago, Amy asked me if she could do a review of By His Grace Online Ministry. To say that I was flattered is an understatement. I was floored, honored, and scared to death. Questions flooded my mind, "What would she think?" "What would she say?" "Would she like By His Grace or would she think it was horrible?" I said yes and today, you can find Amy's review of By His Grace Online Ministry here.

Our goal here at By His Grace is to offer our readers, and that means YOU, a place they can call home; a place where they feel safe, loved, and cherished. We want this to be a place you can come to and put down the masks we, as women often wear to impress others, and just be you. Our desire is that while you are here, you experience the grace, love, mercy, and forgiveness which flows from the Father's hand. We pray that while here you are encouraged and challenged to continue walking in the path God has set before you.

Amy's review of By His Grace and given us some new ideas as to how we can better minister to you. I am so thankful and honored she asked me to do this.

We welcome your input as to how we can better minister to YOU. Feel free to share any ideas or thoughts you have that could better the ministry of By His Grace. We love you all and praise God for the opportunity to serve you!


6 Lovely Thoughts Shared:

Jennifer said...

Congratulations of your exciting! I'm looking forward to reading it....your site here has been, indeed, an encouragment to me and one that I return to on a regular basis! Thanks for your passion!

Toknowhim said...

Hey there... I caught Amy's review of your site today too... It was good!!!

I am back home now, so hope to visit more often... Kim

Toknowhim said...

Hey there... I caught Amy's review of your site today too... It was good!!!

I am back home now, so hope to visit more often... Kim

Kristen said...

oh how exciting! congrats! I have heard of most of those ministries but not all. I am going to go read the review and then check all of them out :)

LisaShaw said...

Jenifer dear heart, this is awesome! Congratulations and ALL unto the glory of GOD for that is why any of us do what we do. It's all about HIM.

Your blog is very refreshing and I do enjoy myself whenever I am able to visit. You have such a warm heart and it shows that you are a sweet Jesus follower! :)

Love and hugs.

Tracy said...

Great new button...{wink}!